LFW Part 1 Showtime At Saatchi Gallery

This years LFW took part in the Saatchi Gallery at Sloan Square, a area that is breathtaking by it’s high end designer shops and the luxury café’s

London Fashion Weekend was a blast. It was the Saturday that I have been waiting for so long since I bought my ticket.
This years LFW took part at the Saatchi Gallery at Sloan Square, a area that is breathtaking by it’s high end designer shops and the luxury café’s and restaurants. The Saatchi Gallery is a London gallery for contemporary art and offers a broad range of various exhibitions throughout the year. Although I haven’t been to any kind of Fashion events in London before (except the LV Series 3) , I was pretty excited about the Saatchi Gallery, as I heard a lot about it’s interior design and location. I was happy to have made new friends the last two weeks and very lucky that my girls joined me. Girls and a Fashion shopping tour on a Saturday? – Unbeatable!

If you’ve never been to the Saatchi Gallery before, you might be impressed by the 3 different floors and the huge space. The gallery offers bright rooms and a large area for designers and brands to present their work. The showrooms were pretty well organized and each level offered it’s own Fashion section. If you would have tried to find me that day, you would have probably found me somewhere between the shoes and accessory brands- I was pretty obsessed with the Cambridge Satchel Company and just couldn’t deny to get me one of their impressing timeless bags. Shopping at London Fashion Weekend was definitely a new experience to me, as I wasn’t used to sales up to 70% discounts (come on Vienna Fashion Week give it at least a try!), which is why I’m going to visit it again next year. I’m a supporter of start up designers and I always love to discover fresh handmade pieces! In general it’s all the handmade stuff that gives me sleepless nights – true work of artists!

For all the one’s that I have already intrigued: Make sure to be around and get a ticket for next years LFW. If you’re heart is as much into unique pieces as mine is, it’s worth to spend your money on London Fashion Weekend. BTW all cards are accepted ;)

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Have a lovely day,

xx Bella

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