July Essentials – My Beauty Bag

Every month I swap some lipsticks, lip balms or handcreams for another ones, especially the things I need the most. So let’s start with my July essentials.

Most of the time during the week I’m out from morning to night, which is why my beauty bag is an essential to me. Every few month I swap some lipsticks, lip balms or handcreams for another ones, especially the¬†things I need the most. So let’s start with my July essentials.

1. Bobbi Brown True Pink

When it comes to spontaneous dinners with friends I often tend to upgrade my daily makeup to an sexy evening one. I keep it simple by just adding a hint of colour to my lips. This Bobbi Brown lipstick is the true thing, and adds a sexy touch in a natural shade.

2. EOS Blueberry

Let’s talk about the lip balm hype that even got me! I remember¬†those lip balms appearing for the first time on Instagram. Guess who? Kylie Jenner wore it first. Since that time I didn’t even give it a thought, as I wasn’t really focused on lip balms anyway. I got this lip balm in blueberry at Douglas in the 1st district by accident during a¬†lunch break.¬†Why didn’t I get it before :D

3. Lip Service by Lush

This spring was a nightmare for my lips. I don’t know if it was the weather or if it was just my weak lip treatment but I had very dry lips. Luckily I stumbled up on Lush Cosmetics around this time and so I got myself a pretty good lip balm.¬†Basically it’s a¬†Winter product, as it treats the lips intensively.

4. Astor Lipliner Blossom

Very often I like to wear lip balm to keep my lips perfectly moisturized. Somehow, at the job I need to colour my lips and so I go for an inbetween solution and a lipliner only. I like to fill in my lips completely with a nude lipliner add a slight coverage to my lips. A great benefit of lipliner is that it’s very light on your lips and so you don’t need to refresh it very often.


5. Alverde Nail Pencil with Shea Butter

I love products that are cheap but are good in quality. This pencil is more than that, as it keeps my nails shiny thanks to¬†the shea butter and¬†my cuticles moisturized. Whenever I’m waiting for a train or at the bus stop, I find always some extra minutes to treat my nails on the go.

6. Ceramic Nail File

Since I have got my gel nails removed about a month ago, I tried to focus on manicure on a daily basis. If you already had gel nails you’ll might know the issues of having weak and soft nails. The only way to get the quickest recoverage is by filing them and keeping them short¬†in combination with a nail hardener treatment. This file is one of my favourites and currently a must have in my beauty bag.

7. Panier Des Sens En Provence – Lavender

I have this hand cream since my honeymoon and got it on my amazing trip trough south france. I’m a lavender lover and I’m totally into the scent. The hand cream is very rich, which is why I didn’t need much of it. And yep it’s the only tube I got so it’s a luxury treat and perfect for summer!

8. Parfum Solid Coton

My creme perfume on the go. I love the small size it comes with and especially the smell of cotton. It’s a lovely and fresh scent and especially nice to wear throughout the day. Since I¬†didn’t want to carry the heavy perfume bottles with me all day, this one’s works best for me.


These eight little pieces might make a mini beauty bag but in sum they work wonders.

Have a sunshine day!
xx Bella

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