How To Wear a Scarf – 3 Wearable Styles

I decided to focus on the three versions that I almost wear everyday and that I remember with ease. Find my little 101 Guide on “How to wear a scarf”…

I’m really missing the warm weather and my scarfs are like everywhere in my house. When I’m relaxing on the couch drinking some tea, I always wear a fluffy scarf round¬†my neck. Don’t ask me why I feel cold most of¬†the time, but I guess it’s just a girly thing ;). Since¬†I’m always looking for the scarf that matches my daily look perfectly it¬†happens that I¬†wear three different ones¬†in only one¬†week. I kinda became addicted to them since they’re the only thing that really keeps me warm through¬†out¬†the day.

How To Wear a Scarf The Fashion Way

In addition to scarves I have¬†never¬†been really creative or doing any loops or super DIY¬†with them. ¬† I know there are more than 1000 different versions on “How to Tie a Scarf” on the internet but to me¬†they’re confusing – couldn’t imagine to wear all of them in a¬†lifetime!

I decided to focus on the three versions that I almost wear everyday and that I remember with ease.¬†Find my little¬†101 Guide on “How to wear a scarf” for you:

Well, how to wear a scarf then? I’m going to share three styles today and all of them start with a non-square scarf. A square one would be best to receive symmetric styles so if you got one you don’t have to adapt the shape.

Style One: Triangle Babe

Start by adapting the shape of your scarf and fold a triangle. Check which side looks better to be front¬†and tie it behind your neck. Tuck away the ends and hide under your scarf. That’s it! BTW this version is the one I’d love to wear very often!

How to wear a scarf_1

Style Two: Asymmetrical

Let’s get romantic girls! This one is super easy and quick to tie, which is why I like to wear it often to dresses and summer looks. Start with the adapted shape, which should be your triangle and bring it to the back. Bring the ends to the front and tie a double-knot to be sure it stays in place. Make it look more loose by opening up the knot a little and adjust it. If you want to receive my style don’t forget to¬†turn it to the side that you prefer the most.

How to wear a scarf_2

Style Three: The Catchy Loop

That one is easier to do than it might look at first sight ;) Fold your scarf in half and lay it around your neck with both ends on the front. By now you should have the loop in one hand and the two ends in the other one. Start by taking one scarf end from the right and pull it through the loop on the left. Nothing new? Well here comes the clue: Next twist your loop and while you’re twisting pick up the end from the right and pull it through.¬†Repeat by twisting the loop again and by pulling the highest end through it again. The result looks like a braid which helps me¬†to remember on how to do it every time ;)

How to wear a scarf_8How to wear a scarf_3How to wear a scarf_6

A huge Thank You to Daily Dose for the amazing scarf. You can find a similar one here.

Let me know which one you prefer!
xx Belle

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