How To Rock the 80s This Spring

But todays post is not about my weekend but more about this fresh spring look. Lets have a close look on how to rock the 80s…

The last weekend was short, really cold but filled with lots of amazing photo shoots. A lot of great looks are going to come up very soon and I’m already excited about your thoughts ;)

Being in Krakow after 6 months was nice, strolling through the city and stoping by at Nowa Prowincja to have the best coffee in town. The Easter weekend was relaxing and I was happy to spend some time with my husband and our little frenchie. But todays post is not about my weekend but more about this fresh spring look. LetsĀ have a close look on how to rock the 80s…

How To Rock the 80s Today…

One of those Miami Vice looks and super 80s inspired? I guess the 80s must have been really cool and as we can see the sweaters tied around the neck just made a huge comeback. All in one, this look is a pretty casual combination but when looking closer, the blazer makes the difference and the outfit so special. Lately I’ve been totally into striking patterns especially when it comes to the beloved crop tops. It’s one of the oldest I have but I still love the crazy loops on it and theĀ black and white mix. The white sneakers are not really new to the blog, but I wear them very often the last two month. As you remember I have mentioned in my last post that I started quitting buying stuff at Zara and I’m glad I did. These piecesĀ  aren’t new but the onesĀ I liked the most and that I kept in my wardrobe. Zara had really good stuff back then and this blazer goes never out of style.



Blazer: ZARA
Crop Top: ZARA
Skinny jeans: MANGO
Sneakers:Ā H&M
Sunglasses: SMH
Bag: Dune

IMG_3081_wIMG_3009_wIMG_3088_w IMG_3001_w

Lots of love,
xx Belle

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