How To Pull Off The Secretary Style

The Secretary is a movie, also known as the pre-movie to 50 Shades of Grey and if you’ve watched it, you know what I’m talking about…

The Secretary is a movie, also known as the pre-movie to 50 Shades of Grey and if you’ve watched it, you know what I’m talking about. The handling of the movie is quite the same – let’s say 50 Shades of Grey is a bit lovelier :P If I had to describe the typical secretary it would be professional, organized but with a touch of sexiness. The secretary was my inspiration for this¬†outfit. It’s¬†a very strong and¬†powerful¬†business look that suits every woman. I have noticed that it has been way to long since I’ve posted a workday look¬†– Hello secretary style! Let’s get more into detail!

A Secretary and Her Must-Have

The skirt has it all – a pleated-synthetic leather piece that underlines the figure due to it’s¬†tight fitting. Skirts can be adorable and pretty at one sight but they can also help you to look¬†more¬†self-confident¬†and professional when you’re¬†getting down to business. I’m a huge fan of¬†these styles¬†especially on strong and powerful characters. Pencil skirts are classic and a must have piece in my wardrobe. A¬†skirt and white Tee? – unbeatable in every way! Sometimes I even like to wear suits but I avoid wearing completely black – ¬†a little colour is always the better¬†choice!¬†The rough suede-leather¬†wedges¬†might be already totally out as I don’t¬†see people wearing them anymore. I don’t go a lot with trends but more with comfort and this shoes are more than that.¬†It was the first time that I¬†wore¬†them to¬†a skirt but¬†I’m¬†glad it turned out looking good. I think I should be wearing skirts more often – I really like this secretary style!



Pleather jacket: ZARA (Similiar)
White T: ZARA (Similiar)
Pencil skirt: ZARA (Similiar)
Tights: Falke (Similiar)
Suede-leather wedges:  MANGO (Similiar)
Messenger shoulder bag: Forever 21 (Similiar)

secretarysecretary   secretarysecretarysecretarysecretary

Having plans for the weekend? Enjoy the sunny weather! I’m definitely going for a long walk with my little frenchie ;)

xx Belle

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