How To Bronze Your Cheeks

There are tons of tips out there and you have to choose what works best for your type of face. Check out these tips on how to bronze your cheeks correctly.

When it comes to contour and highlight everyones looking for pro advice on how to create that perfect summer bronze look. The truth is there is not “The One”¬†pro advice that you should follow, there are tons out there and¬†you have to choose what works best for your type of face. I wrote down a few tips on how to bronze your cheeks correctly.

Why To Wear Bronzer

First of all bronzer is the best way to add some nice tan¬†without the danger of actually being out in the sun. The self tanner products have become more interesting in the last year and are a great way to show off a beautiful fake sunkissed¬†skin. For my wedding last year in September I decided to go for spray tanning and I didn’t regret it, as it looked much more natural than I first expected.¬†So if you didn’t try it¬†yet,¬†go for it!How To Bronze Your Cheeks1

What I personally love about the whole bronzing technique is the possibility to slim your face by adding shadows and contrast. This makes a lot of your makeup and is a often used technique on photo shoots also called contour and highlight.

Cheekbones -The Placement Matters

It might sound weird but that’s a problem I had to face myself for quite a long time. If you’ve never used bronzing products before, you should go for¬†the¬†basics. Cheekbones always ask for an highlighter aka glow and beaming colour and a matte bronzer. If you would like to go for the sparkling bronzers don’t hesitate – I’m more a fan of highlighting the cheekbones¬†above plus matte bronzer¬†below ;)

How To Bronze Your Cheeks2

How To Bronze Your Cheeks…

Start with the bronzer first. Use a angled brush, I go for my favourite contour brush by NARS, and start slightly above your ear moving your brush downwards in circle movements along your cheekbones. The perfect line should start on the height of your ear and end at the corner of your mouth. Don’t get to close to your mouth and keep enough space.
If you received the perfect coverage Рavoid a caky cheek Рyou can go on to your fave blush. My current favourite  is Coral by Bobbi Brown. Last but not least the highlight: Use a light concealer above your cheekbone and set the final highlight.  Voilá! Hope my little guide on how to bronze your cheeks works for you! Ready to rock it summer babe <3

xx Bella

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