How To Be Your Own Boss


Many people have asked me how I manage those three big parts of my life at once. The answer is I got my own little tricky system to get around with it.

Golden Rules On How To Be Your Own Boss

When I started my blog two years ago I didn’t expect it to become a majority of my life one day. The main reason why I started blogging was because I wanted to share the things I have experience due to my internships as stylist assistant and the hands-on experience in my¬†years as¬†a makeup artist. Those questions “Bella how do you do your eyeliner?” and “Can you please write down for me the brushes you use for your makeup?” drove me and I enjoyed sharing those informations with friends and family.

However, over the years those few questions became¬†big chunky topics and grew to an little pool of inspiration – when browsing through my little “Wearabelle” I often catch myself with a smile ¬†:) Nevertheless besides my blog there are two other major parts in my life that I have to keep up with, my family and healthy lifestyle and my job. As you already know, sports became a great part in my life and I won’t ever miss one of those sweaty morning or afternoon sessions. Sports is the best way to keep yourself balanced especially if you have to cope with lots of stress.

Rule #1 – Sweat, Stretch and have a little me-time in mind.

Nutrition is another thing that is really important. If you¬†eat the right stuff you’ll¬†keep your head lighter and feel much better and concentrated throughout the day. So is there a special nutrition or diet you should be focusing on? I say no, just cut out those massive fast food dishes and eat more superfoods instead. Quinoa is great and keeps you satisfied all day.

Rule #2 – Go for greens instead of sweets and prepared food. Think about spinach: Popeye didn’t eat it for nothing ;)

how to be your own boss-1

So I captured one of those big parts of my life, sports and nutrition. What about the job?

Rule #3 – Everyone has a bad day – react with a smile.

Even if you try hard for so many times and it just didn’t workout, don’t judge yourself for everything. Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes I have these days when I have to deal with lots of unfriendly costumers. The makeup product is worse, the makeup isn’t good enough and so on. The best thing to¬†do is to give them a smile – why? Probably it’s the best thing that will ever happen to them that day. It’s often the case that¬†those persons¬†have a bad day. Maybe it’s just a smile that can make huge changes ;)

So what about my blog babe? Is there any time for it? The answer is yes but there wouldn’t, if the other two parts wouldn’t work that perfectly together. Writing for my blog is one of the things I enjoy on the weekends. It’s kind of a way to collect my impressions of the week and helps me to keep things organised. I write down everything in my personal organizer. I know I could go for my iPhone and type it into an app, but what I would miss is a good overview. Notes work best for me¬†to keep up with all the things that I have to do throughout the week.

Rule #4 – Keep things organized. Get back to basics and write it down.

When I did all my workouts and went to work, ticking off all this stressy things on my list, my blog is my reward of the week :D Having a jug of berry smoothie while writing a blogpost is all I can think about on the weekends!

Rule #5 – Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle ;)

Let’s dive into the Wiggle zone. Sometimes it’s the workout you skip, or the chocolate cake that gets in your way. Maybe you’ll get out of the office and you feel the day hasn’t been that productive. It’s totally okay and even happens to me. You don’t have to follow those rules strictly, but having some helps you to keep things in balance.

To sum it up, you’ll see I got three big parts in my life and I would lie if I would say they weren’t challenging at all. Of course it’s not that easy to keep up with sports, the right nutrition and the perfect plan that’s hanging on the wall. For me it’s kind of an motivation, looking back and to see what I’ve done so far.

Stay motivated girls!
xx Bella

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