Hot Rollers – You’re Way To Soft Summer Waves

The difference between Hot Rollers and curling irons? It’s all about the handling. My thoughts bend on hairstyles for holidays season and of course curls have a greater part in it.

The difference between hot rollers and curling irons? It’s all about the handling. I was thinking about hairstyles that are perfect for holidays season and of course curls have a greater part in it.

I’ve been using curling irons for years, but since I’m totally into big and natural soft waves I was looking for another method that was more gentle to my hair. Spending all day curling my hair might sound funny but I got lazy very soon and the curls were gone for good. Since I found this pretty little treasure it got much easier for me styling my hair everyday. Hot rollers are having a comeback and are now part of my daily hair routine.

Curling Irons…




I have been using curling irons for many years and ever since I can remember I had them in several diameters – from the well-known goldilocks style to great big J.Lo curls. The only one that really worked for me was the small curling iron. The curls that I tried with all the others didn’t last for very long as they dropped out very quick. Putting on the hot rollers doesn’t take much time. I’m happy having free hands again and to have more time to concentrate on the makeup. Remember the heavy curling irons? I’m so glad that my bicep isn’t hurting anymore ;)

I could type down a list with the things I do inbetween, getting me a cup of coffee, writing some blogposts, but the list would be too long. Hot rollers are available in many different sizes: Jumbo rollers, medium rollers and much more. Here are some examples including my favourites.

  1. Remington KF40E hot rollers come in three different sizes: you can choose from a variety from small to big. To hold your rollers in place, they come with clips that are easy to use. The small rollers are great for the bangs and give them a nice bounce.
  2. If you don’t like girly curls and you’re the type of girl that loves big curls, this may be the right thing for you: Remington Jumbo Hot Rollers HO747 come in 12 pieces and are perfect for a glamorous look.
  3. Last but not least my baby: The BaByliss 3021E – I chose this one because they offer two different forms of hair clips:


  • The normal clips that are easy to use and great for beginners. The material is plastic, just clip them in and they will keep everything in place!
  • The hair clips that are made out of metal and give more security. I didn’t use them in the beginning as I didn’t know how to use them the right way. They are not difficult in usage and after some tries you will know how to handle them. 

Tip: Section your hairs first- It takes most of your time but it’s the key to great curls! BTW, I use a tail comb.

Hot Rollers vs. Curling Irons…

Loréal Elnett Hairspray, Hot Curls, Tail Comb



Hair-Secure first: Before you start don’t forget to apply a heat protector! Dry ends are really horrible (I know what I’m talking about) so be sure to apply the right products before. I l use my favorite 2in1 product: Hot Curls is a styling product that includes a heat protector. Two steps are needed: spray, blow-dry and you’re ready to start :)

So what are you going to choose? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Bella

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