Hot Pants -How To Get the Right Pair

The final summer weather is back again. Strolling on the streets in some pretty denim hot pants, eating your fave icecream are one of my favourite activities.

The final summer weather is back again. Strolling down¬†the streets in some pretty denim hot pants, eating my¬†fave icecream are one of my most-loved¬†activities. When I find time in my busy schedule I spend my weekends often in the city, doing window shopping or heading to my go-to place The Pure Living Bakery with the best milkshakes in town. You can see I spend lots of time in the oppressive heat and hot pants¬†became even more important these days. Hot pants¬†are must-have pieces for summer holidays and if you haven’t got¬†the right pair you should¬†get them now.

Summer Hot Pants and My Summer Style

Crop Top by Zara, Necklace in Gold and Silver by Zara, Messenger Bag by Zara, Denim Shorts by Zara, Sandals by Gamloong, Lipstick “Sensual Sparks”by MAC Cosmetics, Sunnies by Zara

When I shop for hot pants it has never been really easy. I start questioning myself about the style- should I go for low waist, high waist one’s? If I could I would go for high waist, but the problem is that they doesn’t look good on me :/ Vintage denim hot pants are perfect for this years summer season.

High Waist And Why You Should Stop Having Doubt’s!

These are a few points, why you should definitely go for high waist hot pants this season:

Sophisticated Look- for sure: It reminds us of the beautiful hourglass figure and underlines our¬†body curves. Don’t have doubts about your body curves, the right pair¬†of pants gives you a great shape.

Guide to “How To Find Your Body Type” For Your¬†Hot Pants

Denimshorts by Selected Femme, Jeansshorts by McQ Alexander McQueen
f.l.t.r.: Denimshorts by Colins, Hot Pants ‘Jaimee’ by Pepe, Denim-Hotpants by Topshop

If your tall and want to bring out¬†your legs more, go for skinny and high waist’s. Low waists are great too if you’re more the girl for cropped tops. Don’t be worried if you’re not tall enough, there’s always a way¬†of cheating ;) High waists are the best solution to stretch and to add some extra height. You should avoid low waist’s as they would probably make you appear¬†shorter¬†than you are.¬†If your ready to head out for some hot pants, don’t forget to define your¬†body figure¬†first.

Straight and Tall Figure

Slim and High Waist are great with long legs. High waist always adds more height and makes your legs appear longer.

Apple Figures

Go for the straight cut- It gives you the appearance of long legs and you can go for high waist too.

Curvy Figures

Dark Denim brings it to the point and gives you a clean and sleek body silhouette.

Pear Figure

Pants in every color and style¬†are great as long as they are mid-rise. It’s the best option for pear silhouettes and gives a more flattering look.

Hourglass Figure


Hot pants made¬†with contours and stretch fabric are the one’s you should go for.

If you decided on what body type¬†you are, you’re ready¬†for a little shopping tour. Try to find “The One” pair of hot pants you can wear every summer over and over again. If you’re unsure about the color-the good¬†old denim blue goes best with every style. Save your money for the good¬†denim fabrics.¬†Check your wardrobe for vintage and old levis – If they have a loose cut or won’t make into your daily outfits¬†cut of the legs and¬†give them a new reborn¬†look. Remember the White T’s I mentioned lately on the blog? Basics are a great option for a laid-back streetstyle.

xx Bella

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