Going Hawaiian with HoloHolo Swimwear

Finding cool and different swimwear is not an easy task. On the hunt for the perfect statement piece, I stumbled upon HoloHolo’s inspired body treasures.

It’s mid of July, which means hello holidays! ¬†Let‚Äôs get something out in the open: finding cool and different swimwear is not an easy task. On the hunt for the perfect statement piece, I stumbled upon HoloHolo’s inspired body treasures that just launched its first UK pop-up shop in the UK last Monday. Swimsuits are an essential to pack and I like to go for at least two or three of them: a swimsuit and two bikinis.¬†


With the Hawaiian¬†mantra in mind, a collection has been designed to include a fresh range of monokinis and bikinis. I can’t say enough how much I favour asymmetry and clean cuts. Both are well played¬†in the collection of the swimwear brand; details include cross outs on the back or cutouts to underline the curvy silhouette.

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I’m a genius when it comes to packing my suitcase heavy rather than light. I could easily dress my twin if there would one exist. So yes, packing and swimwear shopping are pure torture to me. ¬†I tend to wear not much colour, instead, I watch out for pieces that fit me perfectly. Oh, and I have a favour for backless swimsuits.

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¬†My favourite of the HoloHolo Swimwear collection is the white swimsuit, ‘The Dazzler’. The mono piece sparks with an ‘open triangle’ that starts around the shoulder area, cuts across the back and ends at the hip. This one accentuates an athletic upper body and pays attention not only to shoulder and arms but also to the lower back. Therefore a¬†good body posture is key. My second highlight to choose is ‘the Dancer’, a black bikini that has a lovely play with fringes on the front. Spaghetti straps are a nightmare when it comes to getting an equal tan. The bandeau strap coming with this piece makes the bikini top appear ultra light and ‘barely there’. Two straps, around the neck and on the back give a secure grip.

The breezy swimwear brand has a lot more to offer and definitely more colour! Explore the full collection here.

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