Holiday Gift Guide For When You’re In A Rush!

It’s getting christmassy guys and time for some holiday gift guides! Can’t believe it’s already December the 1st and I find myself in the middle of holiday shopping-Finally!

It’s getting christmassy guys and time for¬†a¬†holiday gift guide! Can’t believe it’s already December the 1st and I find myself in the middle of holiday shopping-Finally!This time around the year is always the busiest ones, but I love putting lists together, organising presents and creating my little gift lists. I can’t be happier about the fact, having my “life” back. Since my hand-in on Friday I was glad to have finished the first term successfully. I just felt socially disconnected and to summarise the words just held the upper hand the past few weeks!

This makes me even more exciting about christmas and if there’s a¬†city¬†to¬†call the inventor of the ‘Real Christmas’, it’s definitely London. “Christmas should be a season”, is what my friend used to call¬†it, when she saw the elaborate christmas decorations on Regents Street, which are absolutely stunning and for everyone a must to see. However, I am super excited about this years Christmas, not only because I can’t wait to see my family again after three months adventure, but also because it’s been an exciting year that I love to memorise and I want to celebrate. Besides celebration there’s the gift part awaiting me…Shall we start?


This Holiday Gift Guide is made with love and contains pieces to think about, you might want to get for your beloved ones. Since I’m into interio atm, because of my flat-search-situation, I couldn’t deny including some lovely decoration stuff as well. Fashion would be nothing without Marilyn, right? Therefore the portrait got me and so I had to put it on my list as well. As you guys already know, I’m addicted to lipsticks and especially the ones by Bobbi Brown – this colour doesn’t ask for a catchy eye makeup, the lipstick handles the situation, believe me ;)

Getting cozy is always a good idea, especially when wearing a¬†fluffy jumper by Whistles, who just asks you to watch “Love Actually”¬†and a hot mug of tea. Besides this coffeetable is super edgy and a must for fashion babes!

If there’s one sentence that’s been in my head the entire year it’s the “By the end of the year I will own a pair of acne sneaks”. Well, not yet to be honest, because of the London plans the budget plans changed a bit. But I’m still mind bubbling…

I haven’t been into accessories this year, maybe because I changed my style and I decided to keep it simple and classy. Nevertheless this little treasure by Sweet Deluxe seems to be the perfect piece to combine with a sexy white T – Don’t ask me why, but there’s just this perfect picture of it in my imagination.

So keep this holiday gift guide in mind, when going on High Streets for your final christmas hunt.

xx Bella

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