Healthy Nutrition & Beautiful Skin


Healthy nutrition, seriously? Nobody wants to hear that, everybody starts to panic. So did I: just the thought of abstinence from my beloved macarons did not light a spark in my heart. So, to understand why I took this step, I have to tell you a part of “Soraya’s Story” ;)

Tiredness & listlessness were the beginning of a healthy nutrition diet…

These were the first signs, that told me: “STOP!” Although I was skinny, lost some weight over a long period of time and worked out a lot, I did not feel fit or sporty. I spent a large amount of time at home, constantly tired and didn’t even think of a healthy nutrition. nutrition_sorayaI liked the idea of going out with my friends, but then turned down in the last moment just because I was feeling tired again.

The worst part of it was my skin: I wanted to have a healthy skin and the main reason for the look of your skin is a good diet. There are a lot of fruits and snacks that are responsible for the collagen in your skin. Let’s get straight to the point: Today’s post will be about a healthy nutrition – and I promise: it tastes delicious!

What people misunderstand about a healthy nutrition…

Mainly, a lot of people think that healthy does not taste good nor look good – you can already imagine the “Yuck!” faces here. nutrition_sorayaBelieve me: I can’t even look at peas without turning all green myself, but there are other options:

The golden rule – keep it simple!

I started to replace coffee with tea. The coffee machine at my office was too tempting and I didn’t believe myself how my tummy suffered. So, try green tea and all its different flavours for the beginning:

  • green tea with honey& lemon
  • green tea with ginger
    Ginger is a bonus here – it helps your skin fighting these red sprinkles. It might not be the your favourite snack, but tastes delicious inside your tea!

nutrition_sorayaKeep in mind that green tea has a lot of coffeine too, but your tummy will thank you gratefully and the ingredients will work as a natural sun block. If you don’t want to lose the sugar, be sure to use honey or xylitol. It took some time, but I already started to drink my tea completely without sugar.

You should not cross coffee entirerly from your list – just make you sure how much you really drink.

Chia Samen und Snacks – Teil meiner Routine

One of my latest discovered ingredients are chia seeds. I became suspicious and I couldn’t believe that they were a source of protein. They have great benefits when it comes to the collagen of your skin.

Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of your skin – for all those who want to receive a tightening skin.nutrition_soraya

You can prepare chia seeds pure: Just soak it in water or milk and let it rest for 15 minutes. The time is over when you notice a gel consistence. Some athletes use the gel for their smoothies or protein shakes to gain the feeling of satiety.
You can add the seeds to your muesli – It tastes awesome with some berries and a few slices of a banana! nutrition_sorayanutrition_soraya

To snack inbetween your big meals is one of the important things I’ve ever learned. If you want to focus on healthy nutrition be sure to snack 2-3 times a day. My snacks for instance look like this:

  • a bowl of fruits with almonds
  • greek yoghurt with nuts and honey
  • rice cakes with peanut butter and marmalade or banana

nutrition_sorayaTo sum it up: You will notice very soon how much comfortable your day can be by just adding some fruits or vegetables to your daily foods. I’m really saturated all day and the greatest benefit of it – It’s very good for your skin!

Want to know what I eat all day? Just follow me on instagram.

Let me know if you tried some of my snacks ;)

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