Grunge & Flowerfields meet Cold Seasons

The cold season is all about Grunge Style and my love for it. A walk in the city on saturday? One of my favourite activities!

The cold season is all about Grunge Style and my love for it.  A walk in the city on saturday? One of my favourite activities! I am not used to get up early but this time I was already awake at 9am.



After a speedy shower and mini breakfast with my fiance I decided to pick up my camera and went to the city. Such a beautiful weather and so warm that I thought winter has never been around :O
Great for me, it was time for a jacket change ;)

Grunge Style at the City

I had so much fun taking the pics that I couldn’t deny posting some awkward ones. Some of you might think “Why?” – Well I’m basically not the girl whose good at posing in front of the camera. I love to be spontaneous and I’m a kind of little crazy but that’s my true me. The result is Soraya approved! So be prepared, there will always be such of this type.


The outfit? I wanted to wear my grunge boots and mixed them up with a classic long sleeve in grey/metallic optic. My It-Piece for the day was a Aztec look-a-like necklace just for giving the outfit that certain something.

Scarf: Primark


Necklace: H&M


Longsleeve Grey/Metallic Optic: Primark 


If you’re confused by the background – I was so impressed and thought it would match perfectly to the current flower prints for spring 2014. BTW it’s a DIOR opening poster :)

After finishing my photo walk I decided to do a special kind of OOTD-Video for my YouTube channel. If you haven’t watched yet, you can do now by clicking on my last post:¬†The Fashion Run? My creative¬†Part!

I wish you all a beautiful day, hope you enjoy the images!

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