Green Blues


Happy Friday from the rainy London! It’s not that I haven’t had expected it already but it’s totally different to what I was used to in Vienna. 

Despite the fact that it’s still a bit warmer in Vienna, I though this look might be the perfect thing for you to ring in the weekend. I’m lately into dark green and earthy hues, as it reminds me of a midsummer night and sand dunes in the east. I love any brown shade, whether it’s a earthy or a deep dark tanned colour. The 70s are definitely a thing this fall and these colours are great to implement in any look. Even if I’m more the classic type of girl, who’s into basic than anything else, there can never be enough of a fresh breeze in style. This look is my August favourite, as it’s a sporty and light all in one colour outfit. The idea of being somewhere in the desert, wearing this summer-light fabric shirt mixed up with a pair of cloth trousers makes me feel calmed down. Soft fabrics are the ones I’ll keep an eye on this month, as much as on comfortable pieces.



Blouse: H&M

Trousers: Mango

Shoes: Hugo Boss

Scarve: Mauritius Cashmere

green-3 green-5 green-4 green-8

And that’s how you should say good-bye to summer and welcome autumn with arms wide open. I’m prepared, enjoying my tasty coffee at flat white in the heart of Soho, being curious what my first London weekend has to offer.

So, what are you guys up to?

XX Bella