Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 – Part 2

In my last post I went through the first and most important six months of 2015.

In my last post I went through the first and most important six months of 2015. The first half was all about decisions basically, but the second one was the most exciting and challenging time of the year.
In case you missed Part 1, there you go!


Super hot Vienna! I remember our fan at home who did the job 24/7. July was also the month when I talked to you guys about my study, my move to London and the final subject that I was going to spend on learning the next three years- Fashion Journalism. Since I got my application confirmed very late, I had to fly to London to get some flat hunting done. I was glad to find a temporary home at Pure Highbury, in which I spent my first term. For the first time ever I’ve been to the big Lush store at Oxford Street and I’m still in love with the amazing smell of the products. BTW moving is getting closer…


This was my moving month and I had to get everything done before I left. Especially family time was the most important thing to me, since I knew I was going to see them next time for Christmas! Getting things sorted meant also to get rid of some of my makeup products – a huge cleanout was urgently needed. The end of August was already closer than I thought and I found myself struggling a bit. Leaving the person you love the most behind and especially my dog was one of the hardest things I ever had to do ? Nevertheless a new adventure asks for a good cam and daily photography: the Olympus PEN was on my wishlist for a while ;) I dismissed Vienna with a Lunch at Sofitel on my last weekend, it was still a present we got for our wedding from my brother in law. Despite the fact that temperatures were still high I couldn’t deny to get me those Marc O’Polo shoes at sale.


I finally moved to London and into my new home. Since I was going to study at a renown Fashion school I was thinking about getting my hair cut again. For the first time I went super short and since then I fell for the look. Life in London alone was quite challenging, calculating my budget and especially not trying to buy everything was super difficult for me. Nevertheless the budget didn’t stop me from being right at the fashion scene at Brewer Street for London Fashion Week, where I proofed my paparazzi skills ;) Since LFW is invitation and press only I bough myself a ticket to London Fashion Weekend at Saatchi Gallery a week later. I was so happy to attend the show of House of Holland, which was an unforgettable experience.


Uni started finally and things became stressful. Getting to know a whole new teaching system can be quite challenging as well as getting introduced to the world of journalism. I spent most of the time reading, listen and watching news from all over the world to keep myself up-to-date. Course expectations were high and I started writing my first few pieces. Well what I totally forgot was that it wasn’t all just about writing, it was mainly abouting getting yourself on the streets for the best quote. Talking to people!
Besides my busy timetable I wanted to keep up with the amazing exhibitions around London: Chanel, Pleasure and Pain and Louis Vuitton were a must! At the end of the month I had my first British collaboration with LOVERN, for which I worked together with my flatmate Ridge, who did an amazing job as you can see on the pics!


Hand-in time was clear and November was the month of “death”. No free time at all, hardly time for my blog and I had to get a lot of writing done. I even had to find a new home, since I had my student room for one term only – so I did some flat-hunting inbetween :/  Nevertheless I always like to revise the things I learn at my course, especially the pro’s and cons of journalism. However, as soon as the month was over I knew I was free and I was happy to be back in the game again!


Holidays baby! Since it was still quite warm in London, I discovered my favour for ponchos. Actually my girl Paola got me into it, since she’s an absolute pro when it comes to this fashion piece. My hub came over to visit me and finally pick me up for our holidays in Vienna. Before we left I promised my friend Monica to visit Winter Wonderland with her, a fun place with lots of attractions and sweet treats. In the last few days before we flew back home I found a new cute little home in West London – Thanks god, the flat hunt was finally over! I was so looking forward to this weeks at home, taking a break from everything and having some time to bake and cook with my beloved ones. Baking means ultimate feast, which is why I went for my first Teatox journey. Back in London again I moved over three days with my husband and my frenchie to our new home. I’m so glad that everything worked out now and that we can enjoy London from now on together.

As you can see 2015 was really crazy with ups and downs and lots of changes. I am super excited about 2016 and what it will hold for me. This is going to be my last post for a while, as I think I need a short break. My study made me think a lot about my blog, my writing and my inspiration, especially which route I’m going to take. I have that certain image in my head that I can’t bring down to “paper” by now. Hopefully the break will bring some new inspiration, new topics and maybe even a new layout. It was one of the hardest decisions for me to make, believe me. This blog is my baby since two years and I spent most of my free time developing this pool and especially my ideas. I can’t say where the journey is going to take me, but I can say for sure that London is  amazing whether it comes to creativity in fashion or encouraging me to take risks and make changes.

xx Bella

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