Girls wearing Glasses – 5 Useful Make-Up Tips

I have to admit, I got four eyes :( Nowadays when girls wear glasses, they look really styled and the glasses are fashionable.

I have to admit, I got four eyesĀ :( Nowadays when girls wear glasses, they look really styled and the glasses are fashionable.Ā  When I recall my first glasses, I would never wear them again :P They were really ugly and absolutely unfashionable!

I still wear my glasses but not as often as myĀ contact lenses. When I wear my glasses, I never leave the house without makeup. Getting ready for summer doesn’t mean to leave your glasses in your bag. If you know how to spice them up and combine them to your daily wear, I will promise you’ll wear them more often than before. Today I will talk about my 5 useful tips for girls wearing glasses.


Shortsighted? Farsighted? Glasses are great Accessories!

There’s a difference between shortsighted and farsighted people when it comes to makeup
Farsighted glasses increase your eyes:Ā mascara, eyeliner and every little slip appears bigger than usually.

Tip: Avoid applying too much eyeliner and stick to thin liners.


glasses_sorayaShortsighted shouldn’t be afraid to wear mascara and eyeliner. Try to find out what goes best for you and the shape of your glasses. When I do makeup onĀ farsighted and shortsighted girls IĀ use following makeup routine:

Eyeliner (f.e. Bobbi Brown)


For evening makeups I apply a thin line gel or cream eyeliner. The black line below the eye opens it up and adds an elegant touch.
Shortsighted: A thicker line would be the best solution, since shortsighted eyes appearĀ a little smaller. Choose what’s comfortable for you.
Farsighted: Thin line combined with a little flick to add more elegance to the look!

Mascara (f.e.Yves Saint Laurent)

Be careful with volume mascara! I tried them several times, but it’s not the best solution for farsighted people. Because they increase the eyes, the mascara is much more detailed and looks clumpy.
Shortsighted: Volume mascara works great Ā because of the great volume and can be used as single product.
Farsighted:Ā lengtheningĀ mascara should be used carefully. After application use a lash comb to avoid clumpy lashes.

Blush (f.e. Smashbox)

I love to work with aĀ color rangeĀ from coral to soft pink. I made the experience that too much blush can overload the complete look. If you’re going to apply too much of it, you may look like clown :/
Be sure to blend out the harsh lines and blend it into your forehead.
Wearable for both types!

Lips (f.e. Isadora)

The color is perfect when it doesn’t matchĀ to your glasses! I don’t say you should wear black, green or purple lipsĀ to your one-colored glasses (black is still a color I can’t agree) but if you have screaming colors, then go for them.
Tip: Red lips are one of my favourites and I love to wear them to black spectacle frames. It’s strong and sexy ;)
Wearable for both types!


What kind of wearer of glasses am I? I’m the shortsighted one ;) Two years ago I got myself glasses with a brown frame that matched to my eye color. I go for nude makeups and brown lipsĀ and it suits my daily looks very well.
When I’m out with the girls or for dinner I love to wear pink lips. I know it’s a quite loud color, but I can’t live without.

xx Bella