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One of the main things that I noticed was their actual #gayisok campaign. To some it might be just another Lush soap but it comes with a great significance.

When there’s one beauty place that I could spend on hours browsing it¬†would be the Lush store at Oxford Street. Although I have some products of their¬†standard product range already I couldn’t resist trying some new ones from of¬†their 200 special products.

A Browse around Lush Oxford Street

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It has been the first time for me that I’ve been to the biggest Lush store ever. Basically a friend of mine reminded me of it, as¬†she was really excited about the huge product range and¬†the Google pics she saw on the internet :D This Lush store has opened up in April this year, so still quite new to some and comes with three floors. On the¬†ground floor you’ll find the basics such as¬†makeup but in a more advanced form and much bigger than the one I knew in Vienna and everything for body and skin. So if you’re looking for a big bottle shampoo or body scrub this floor is the right one to search on.On the first floor you’ll find¬†the luxury goods for your well-being and shelves¬†stocked up¬†with various bathbombs, body oils and bubbles. So what about the basement floor? This one is my absolute favourite as they have lots of treatments¬†(how amazing is that?)¬†that you can book to relax and products like candles, massage bars and perfumes. You’ll be also confronted with kind of an dark room. Not that kind you might have thought as it’s actually¬†a room to walk through to try several different scents. What I especially enjoyed the most was the shop experience and the opportunity to try everything! Too bad that I couldn’t shop a lot since we had hand luggage only and a strict limited amount of liquids, but I will definitely do when I moved in September ;)

One of the main things that I noticed was their actual #gayisok campaign. To some it might be¬†just another Lush soap but it¬†comes with¬†a great¬†significance.¬†In 76 countries around the world, it is a crime to be gay. In 10 of those, being gay could cost you your life. I talked to one of the sales assistants at the store and she told me that¬†in some¬†countries the new love soap is¬†considered as illegal ‚Äúpropaganda”. The campaign and especially the so called love soap starts many conversations, but with the basic idea of¬†raising money for global LGBT organisations,¬†people¬†who fight for love and equality around the world.

To support the campaign people are also asked to take a selfie and to publish it with the hashtag #gayisok on Instagram. I believe that’s a good thing and nothings easier than spreading a message in times of social media right? I did the same and I’m a supporter of the Lush campaign. Although it’s already¬†over, I hope you had the chance to grab¬†one of those fruity love soaps. I hope I didn’t spoil your mood, but that’s definitely something that bothered me a lot.

Sending lots of love to everyone!

 xx Bella

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