Gabriel Vielma SS17

This season was different for me. Sadly, I didn’t get much to see of London Fashion Week. To make up for the lost time and invitations I was glad to enjoy Gabriel Vielma’s and Xiao Li’s SS17 show.

LONDON. Temperatures have been crazy this week. Four days Sahara, two days pelted with rain. I spent most of the time inside a venue in Central London. I have been working for The Jewellery Showroom from Wednesday on. We set up¬†plinths and jewellery, without any air¬†conditioning and it was rigorously hot. This season was different for me. Sadly,¬†I didn’t get much to see of London Fashion Week. To make up for the lost time and invitations I was glad to enjoy Gabriel Vielma‘s and Xiao Li’s SS17 show.

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Gabriel Vielma SS 17

I arrived at the top floor of this almost hidden building in Flitcroft Street and did what I do best. Fighting for a¬†frow position and the best view. Inspired by the late 70’s beauty salons, this season’s collection and set up included a lot of disco glitz and quirky stuff. Talking of that, I remember¬†the big plastic phones at the scene, the backcombed hair, ruches, glittery sequins¬†and the chatty ambience in the room. It felt like being on a set of a real life version of Barbie’s salon, with some of the dresses that you couldn’t even tell apart¬†from the originals.

The collection featured light colours, with an array of pastels, seen in dresses and two piece power suits. The dress that caught my eye was pastel pink, with shimmery frills on the front and back. The pink¬†metallic jersey¬†ruffles were kind of like a Barbie mermaid rip off. It vaulted me back to my 80’s childhood. “We girls can do anything like Barbie” *singing* Anyone remembers this 80’s commercial?

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