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French fashion to a Londoner might be mysterious and seem unachievable. A country that celebrates the classic-chic leads the list of effortless style and relaxed attitude, but some tweaks and takeaways make it easier for us to incorporate into our winter wardrobe.

French girls are all about fun but incorporating nostalgia is the secret to their looks. “This is my grandmothers vintage jumper,” says the young woman below, flattered by our compliments about her look. Thrift-shopping is a must when it comes to putting together the perfect French outfit, especially when on a budget.”My trousers and my bag are from a thrift shop.”

Wearing Mango jacket, Doc Martens shoes, vintage jumper and trousers

Secret numéro deux is mixing high and low. Scarves and gloves make the it-pieces for femmes Parisiennes. “My scarf is from Guess, and my dress is Zara. My gloves were a present, but they are vintage,” says this student.

Wearing Guess scarf, vintage gloves, Minelli boots, Zara dress.

The same applies to businesswomen on-the-go. Brogues are a must to conquer the busy streets of Saint-Germain. “My coat is from COS, and the hat is Borsalino,” she mentions in a hurry, “and my trousers are vintage.”

Wearing COS coat, Borsalino hat, Vintage trousers.

Rocking a red lip and paying homage to the 1990s is a trend to stay among Parisian students. “My trainers are my favourite. Nike just brought back the 1996 model, and I couldn’t be happier,” she says. She’s wearing a Levis denim jacket, Forever 21 top and trousers that she has hunted down in her favourite shop of choice.

Levis denim jacket and a Forever 21 top.

Last but not least, vintage wins. “My shoes are vintage. Everything else is mostly high street, Pimpkie, Zara. My coat is from Marks & Spencer” When asking about her other pieces, Maisa points out, “My jacket is vintage, my hat is vintage as well.

Maisa wearing M&S coat, Vintage jacket, hat and shoes, Zara bag.

What can we take away from Parisian winter style? The fact that vintage and especially thrift shopping will always remain a strong element in French outfits. Don’t shy away from sneaking into your mothers closet; you might discover the perfect piece or a multitude of treasures.

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