Fluid Stick Dior Addict – Lipstick? Lipgloss? Both!

On my last shopping expedition I found this wonder of Dior called “Dior Addict Fluid Stick”…

Fluid Stick – Lipstick! When there’s something I can’t keep my hands off, it’s lipstick. Upfront I have to say that I love to wear matt colors. They give you fuller lips and last much longer. I don’t own much ligloss, because I can’t deal with the “glue effect” even if they are well-known as great lipboosters. On my last shopping expedition I found this wonder of Dior called “Dior Addict Fluid Stick”!fluid_stick_soraya

Lipstick plus Lipgloss –¬†longlasting solution!

The fluid stick comes with an applicator, the same you’re¬†already used to from your conventional¬†lipgloss.¬†The application is very simple and lasts all day. The most important fact¬†is, it moisturizes your lips and doesn’t dry them out. To get an idea of the product I decided to take some pics for you ;)


Before I started applying the fluid stick, I decided to fill in my lips with a nude colored lipliner (color exhilarated) . Just to be sure if the color was going to fade ;)

fluid_stick_sorayafluid_stick_soraya fluid_stick_soraya


The fluid stick and the real¬†sustainability…

I wanted to test it if it does what it says… Milk was part of my little experiment ;)


The lesson is clear: I’m in love with it and so glad I chose the color “Wonderland“. I was looking for a color between red and purple and this one¬†fits my daily outfits perfectly! I was drinking milk just to test if it really lasts – I was surprised but the color didn’t fade at all. If you want to get one of these,click here they have various colors to choose.

Let me know what are your favorite lipsticks and colors? It’s friday and I’m so happy the weekend’s around!


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