Fashion – The Cherry of Journalism

So for all the girls out there, hoping for a fancy world when studying fashion journalism: there’s a lot to think about besides the fancy cocktails, invitations and presents.

I never thought I’d be a writer one day. Now I’m in the middle of my writings, a bunch of essays that I need to do for my portfolio including news stories, interviews, fashion profiles and even Vox Pops, I’m learning a lot about the journalists fate.
Before you’re going to ask yourself what the hell a Vox Pop is, (=asking strangers about their thoughts on a specific topic) I wanted to share some thoughts about journalism with you and especially the ones that I have carry in my head for a little while. So for all the girls out there, hoping for a fancy world when studying fashion journalism: there’s a lot to think about besides the fancy cocktails, invitations and presents…

Rule 1: Journalism = talking to people

Talking to people, three words that remind me of my first lesson in class: get a contact book, make friends, get to know the industry and get on the phone to gather information. Journalists can be heard, the people you listen to the radio every morning, and watched on TV in the news. What I’m trying to say is that journalists are everywhere and they share all the same world, the journalistic one. And yes, believe or not, we bloggers are journalists too ;)


Rule 2: Fashion Journalism – The cherry on top

Of course, when studying fashion journalism there is a great part of fashion awaiting you, but you have to see it as sort of a dessert: it comes after you’ve got through the basics of journalism. Yeeep that takes a little while…

Rule 3: The Why Give a Shit Test

Writing is all about the peg, the different view and angle you’re going to have in mind when writing a thrilling piece. It took me a while to understand the true meaning of “peg” and it’s the most tricky one, but one’s you got it you’re paper will be awesome!
The question you need to ask yourself when approaching a fresh story: “Why now?” or how my teacher used to label it the “Who gives a shit test”.

To sum it up: Journalism is so much more than what I thought before. It’s a lot of things to think about everyday, it’s keeping up with the news everytime, it’s heaving your eyes, eyes and nose everywhere. Being the first person to report is the key. I’m still in the middle of all of that a newbie,  but I actually begin liking it.

I have never had problems to speak up, to get my voice heard and hell-no I’m not a shy person! Writing is my thing definitely.

And this huge new thing is something that excites me and that I’d love to combine with Wearabelle. I still don’t have an idea on how and when to do it, but I will let you know asap. What I can say for sure is that it’s gonna be sort of an adventure, for you as a reader and for me as mindbubbler. But for now I need to give my mind a little rest. The little clock in the right corner of my notebook says 01:19…

xx Bella

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