Fashion & Poncho

Basically I’m not that poncho type of girl, but I felt that this is a common thing in London. When the first cold breeze arrived

Fashion isn’t what it seems to be. What I’ve learned so far in my first term is that Fashion isn’t all about the fanciness and making money while having cocktails and showing up at dinner parties. I knew it wasn’t just about it, but a kinda pretty side effect of being a fashion writer one day.

Now that I’ve had three months filled with uni life, where I acquired my first research skills – yep doesn’t sound like a lot of fun – and had to “fight” for quotes and comments to appear in my mailbox, I’m glad I can say: I did it! Although I haven’t got my assessment feedback, I’m pretty calmed down. It’s time to relax, recover and revive. I’ve learned so much, even when I was struggling with my writing skills sometimes, I see that it’s totally my thing. I’m getting used to the idea of living in my own little mind bubble with a touch of fashion.

Coats vs. ‘The Poncho’

To be honest with you guys, November wasn’t that cold, furthermore chilly. It was sunny and I absolutely enjoyed the weekends the most. Basically I’m not that poncho type of girl, but I felt that this is a common thing in London. When the first cold breeze arrived a week ago, I started wrapping up myself up in the warmest coats that I had taken with me from Vienna. I realised I tortured myself especially when being on the underground rather than making myself cozy. I guess the crowd of people around rush hour create their own “human heating system”, which in turn makes sense that layering is the key for London girls! However, besides the London underground nightmares, London is still my favourite city and I couldn’t imagine a day without it anymore.

Todays look finishes off the Autumn season. Londons christmas decorations are all set up and I couldn’t be more happy about spending holiday season with family and friends in Vienna again.



Poncho: Beaumont
Jeans: Mango
Sneakers: H&M
Bag: The Cambridge Satchel Company


Have a lovely weekend!
xx Bella

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