London’s Fashion Magazines Must Haves


Studying Fashion Journalism and becoming a journalist one day comes with a lots of benefits. Beside the obvious ones, like keeping up with the latest trends, you get to know a lot of different newspapers and magazines. Of course the city takes its part in this business and has a lot to offer for every reader’s taste. So, here’s a list of the magazines I absolutely felt in love since I arrived in the UK.

I don’t want to be too judgemental, but Vienna wasn’t actually an oasis when it comes to fashion magazines. We had the obvious ones, like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire – all good and renowned, but very traditional. I remember my first time walking into a papershop next to Brewer Street, where I was met by a large amount of magazines, all looking trendy and stylish.



The first one on my list is not a typical fashion magazine. Suitcase lives up to his name and concentrates on my favourite things in life: fashion and travel (and a bit of food ;)). So, while I am on my daily commute I tend to read about destinations on the other side of the world and might already make notes about secret beaches in Rio de Janeiro for that one day. But, there’s a lot more that fits into a suitcase and it is fashion. The magazine does not cover the typical large scale fashion stories, but rather writes fashion guides, quite comparable to travel guides.


If you know, you probably stumbled upon i-D, but their history dates back to 1980, where it was launched by former Vogue art director Terry Jones. Well, they’ve been through a lot, but always kept their iconic character. i-D focuses on a wide area of art, fashion and culture and tends to amaze with the photographic documentaries featured in each issue. Oh, by the way: take a look on the logo sideways and the winking models ;)



When browsing through a magazine shop, you will instantly get hooked by the simplistic, yet stunning cover art of a Love issue. Each of them features a potrait shot and the iconic “Love” font in wonderful colours. Love is the most fashionable magazine in this list. It features shoots with famous models, news features from the latest fashion weeks and what famous designers have been up to.

The Gentlewoman

Oh my, this has a long tradition, one even Queen Victoria was part of. However, the latest issues don’t have much in common with the magazine back from the 19th century. Imagine the Gentlewoman as an September Issue, only happening twice a year. It was completely rebooted in 2010 (after being lost for over 80 years) and features world famous women on their cover. So, what you get are explicitly well researched stories on important topics in the fashion world and beyond. I grabbed my copy of the Soarse Ronan cover, be sure to get yours!

So, this are my quintessentials when it comes down to, let’s say, alternative fashion magazines. What are yours? What else does the world of fashion journalism offer?

xx Bella

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