Eyeliner Tips – Melted Khol


Have you ever been in a situation like that? You’re getting ready for the night out and you forgot to check if you have enough gel/liquid eyeliner?

You already spent more than enough time on your perfect hairstyle and you will have to leave in less than 10 minutes?


First of all take a deep breath and forget the drama –  I got the right eyeliner tips for you!
All you gotta need is black khol or in the color of your choice.
Do you smoke? Even if you’re not, watch out for a lighter and melt the eyeliner as seen on the pic:

BE CAREFUL: Don’t apply straight after melting! Wait until it has a normal temperature (still warm but not to cold)

What do I have to use for the eyeliner application?

Just use an angled brush –  I used my MAC brush, the one I always use when I apply liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner.

If you followed my instructions right, you’re finished and ready to go. The big plus about this method is, that your eyeliner lasts longer than your usual one. I didn’t believe myself until I tried out and I can highly recommend it.

Want to watch the eyeliner video tutorial? Click here!
It’s easy to apply and  perfect if you are in a hurry!

I hope you guys have a nice evening,

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