Detox-The Reset Button For Your Body

I think you may have heard about the Detox Diet already? It’s not really new on the market and it’s a big topic over a year now.

15 Days left and I’m happy that everything’s according to my plan. Nutrition is a big topic every bride should think about already three months before.

As I told I got a huge announcement for you- Since this month and especially the september will be all about my wedding, taking the last steps in wedding decoration, accessories for the dress and mainly topics about the bride. I wanted to create a special bridal category on the blog called “Bride to Be” that will contain everything you will need to know about bridal fashion and bridal beauty. Planning my own wedding wasn’t easy at all and so I decided to give you a collection and kind of a “SOS-List” with all the tips and tutorials you will need before getting prepared for your big day. All future posts will be found there too ;)


Blemish Skin Gone For Good…

I decided to make the most out of my skin appearance and developed my own bride nutrition guide. It is very important to me to have a smooth skin on my wedding day, because nothings worse than blemished skin. I did lots of sports the last ten weeks and went through a very tough and hard wedding workout process. I was dedicated to give everything on power and energy to make myself feel more comfortable and to get in shape. These are just a few steps that worked very well for me and that I still kept on eating and doing. Let’s start with the nutrition first.

Nutrition, Detox and lots of Tea

I think you may have heard about the Detox Diet already? It’s not really new on the market and it’s a big topic over a year now. During my research for new methods on how to receive a smoother skin, I came across an article about detox and thought I should try it before my wedding. I have to admit, that I did my own version of detox and didn’t follow any special guidelines or rules. What I can say for sure is that it changed my view of food shopping and the health food shop became my everyday go-to place. All the vegetables and fresh herbals including my detox teas are bought from the health shop. The products are a little more expensive than you are used to the one’s in the supermarkets but for me fresh foods goes first and it’s a good value. Cleanses are helpful when you’re looking for some extra support to get back to a healthy lifestyle, or if you feel you need to hit the “reset” button. I drank lots of juices and found my own way and recipes that fit my taste well.

1. Detox Tea by Elementary Herbalogy, 2. Detox Bathing Infusion by Elementary Herbalogy, 3. Facial Serum by Elementary Herbalogy

Before I’m going to share some recipes with you, you need to know how detox works on your body first:
Detox helps to escort toxins out of your body and help to “debloat” by flushing out water weight. Whenever you have started a diet you may have recognized that you have lost lots of weight in the first week- that was because of the water! Detox is a healthy lifestyle and helps you to rebuilt you system function and to get back on track. After a month of detox I can say for myself, that I feel stronger, powerful and more concentrated than before. It’s also a great method to integrate in your daily eating routine and to combine with your workouts. There are great Detox Teas too, where you can mix the herbs by yourself or you can get them prepared in the supermarket as well.

Detox Smoothies- So Yummy!

Here are a few smoothies that I wanted to share with you and that I can highly recommend because of their awesome taste :) When I’m out on the town I love to find new bistro and snackbars. “Mr. and Mrs. Feelgood” is a great restaurant to stop by when you’re looking for delicious and healthy food. I’ve been there lately and I love their detox smoothie. Here’s one recipe I found on another blog called Little Spice Jar. I tried it myself and I drink it very often in the morning. Love the fresh taste of it. If you need the recipe head over to her blog :)


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Detox for the Bride

To sum it up, I think detox is a great way to give your body a chance to recover before your wedding. Let me know in the comments what you think about it!

xx Bella

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