Detox Diary – Greens I Love

There’s a different view on the detox trend. I’ve been searching the internet about smoothies and pure green foods I found it hard to find my detox diary.

People take a different view on¬†the detox trend because¬†it has it’s pros and cons. As I’ve been searching the internet about¬†detox smoothies and other pure green foods I found it hard to find the perfect drink or food that suits my needs.

I don’t say that I’m totally into the detox trend – I’m absolutely not!I can say that I prefer a well-balanced healthy nutrition that comes with tasty and easy recipes. I started collecting my favourite drink- and smoothie recipes that I enjoy drinking regurlarly. On the weekends I stand up early and spend a lot of time¬†in the kitchen to prepare my ultimate breakfast that always includes my favourite smoothie besides fruits and fresh bread. ¬†I decided to scoop up my favourite recipes to share them with you.¬†I think most of you have just started their bikini body workouts to get in shape right on time for summers season- Check out ¬†my recipes below as they are just great to fit in your daily nutrition!

Detox Diary #1 – Pure Green Coconut-Smoothie

One of the main ingredients is Perfect 10 Superfood by¬†LA Star Greens. I was happy to have it in my goodie bag that I received at The Daily Dose Social Academy event. I’m a huge fan of green smoothies so I decided to test is for a while. It comes in small bags and as a powder that comes with a great source on¬†important nutrients – Vitamin C, B12 and iron. It’s raw, organic and vegan which in my opinion is a great benefit. Some main ingredients are acai berry, algae and much more. You just need¬†to add one bag¬†to your favourite smoothie and your done. One sachet is enough for a nice cup of your home-made smoothie (about 250ml). I was only able to order the powder online, until it became available at MaranVegan in Vienna. I drink that smoothie quite often recently, of course it is the most important part on my weekend breakfast table.

  • ¬ľ cucumber
  • 100 ml¬†soy milk
  • 100 ml¬†coconut water
  • 1 tbsp.¬†chia seeds and more for decoration
  • ¬Ĺ tbsp.¬†coconut flakes
  • 1 sachet Perfect 10 Superfood

First, add the liquids, than the other ingredients. Depending on your blender’s power, it might take a while to blend all the ingredients – trust me, it’s worth the wait.

When it’s done and creamy, pour it in a glas. If you like to add some eye candy, be sure you don’t forget some cocoa flakes on top.

detox diarydetox diarydetox diarydetox diarydetox diarydetox diary

Detox Diary #2 – Cranberry-Dandelion-Drink

Just found this awesome recipe on Pinterest but decided to modify it for my taste. It’s a fresh drink, that purges your body. Dandelion roots as one of the main ingredients are great and helps when it comes to debloating. I don’t drink a lot of water during the day but¬†since this drink I do more than before. It has a light taste and is great for everyone who enjoys drinks and especially water with a hint of flavour. You might find yourself visiting the toilet very often since it works like draining function for your body! But above all of this,¬†it’s biggest pro is it’s function¬†as fat burner.

  • 1¬†great water jar filled with water
  • fresh lemon juice (1 lemon)
  • 3-4 tsp.¬†pure cranberry juice ( natural without sugar!)
  • 1 tsp.¬†dandelion roots¬†(pharmacy)

Mix all ingredients together and steap it for about 10 minutes. Use a tea strainer for the dandelion roots to make it easier for you to remove when the juice is ready.

detox diary

detox diarydetox diary

I hope you enjoyed my recipes! Let me know if you decide to try them ;)