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All-in one I have never had any bad experience with the brand which is why I decided to test out their brand new Clinique Cheek Pop collection.

I’ve always had sensitive skin, especially when it comes to skincare products. Thank god I never had blemished skin but real dry one.

Some say taking a hot shower might make it even more worse but that’s something I find really hard to change. Somehow I was always on the lookout for real good makeup products for my sensitive skin and I was glad I discovered Clinique. Since then I’ve used their moisturizers a lot and I really adore them. The makeup line was quite new to me until I decided to buy my first mascara a year ago. All-in one I have never had any bad experience with the brand which is why I decided to test out their brand new Clinique Cheek Pop collection.

Clinique Cheek Pop Tested

Clinique Cheek Pop-4

The Clinique Cheek Pop collection consists of four different colour shades which are Ginger Pop, Plum Pop, Peach Pop and Berry Pop. I decided to go for Berry Pop as I thought this shade would fit my cheek and skin colour best.

Clinique Cheek Pop-2

The flower shape is pretty and the powder is easy to apply. A fingertip is more than enough, as the blush is really high pigmented. I prefer the application by brush rather more than by hand. I’m a little perfectionist when it comes to blending cheeks ;) You can never go wrong with using pink rouge, as it always adds a nice and fresh colour to your cheeks. Just be careful when applying – do not use too much of it!

Check out the list with my fave Clinique products I use atm!

Happy humpday guys! Finally just two days to go until the weekend’s around. I hope the sun keeps you motivated to stay on track.

xx Bella

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