Winter Wonderland – Apple Cider at Hyde Park

Last Friday I planned to checkout the Holiday Market that everyone was talking about for a while: Winter Wonderland.

I’m happy to be back home again. After a long journey – actually not that long but it felt like I was on the go for hours – I was glad to fall dead into my bed and watching my frenchie slowly falling asleep in her dog basket. I wish I could describe you the moment, when she saw me for the first time after such a long time, her facial expression was amazing. Can’t be happier about the situation having this little teddy bear around me again. The last week was one of the prettiest one I had since my hub came over to London to visit me and picked me up for Christmas holidays. Besides that I was so happy to enjoy time with my girls again, as we didn’t have a lot spare time during the term. My Italian girl and I decided to kick off our first free week with an amazing Austrian/Italian dinner at her flat – bottles of good wine included! Don’t worry pictures and report including recipes will follow asap ;) I have to admit that I skipped the one or another workout because of the laziness that got me. For the first time I enjoyed doing nothing: Strolling through christmassy London, having sweet treats and lots of coffee. Last Friday I planned to checkout the Holiday Market that everyone was talking about for a while: Winter Wonderland. I was lucky to finish of my term with mulled wine and fun time with my girl Monica at Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.

Quite similar to the holiday markets that I knew already from Vienna, Winter Wonderland has its own treasures and cozy corners. Located at Hyde Park it was the biggest Holiday Market I’ve ever seen with food stalls, attractions and mini pubs everywhere. Although I tried mulled wine it’s just not my thing as I prefer white over red wine basically. I ended up drinking some cups of  delicious apple cider, which kept me warm throughout the night. London’s Winter has finally arrived. Compared to Vienna it’s not wintry at all, as I’m facing now temperatures below 4 degrees. Brrrr, time to put on my thickest winter coats. London is beautiful especially around Christmas…

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xx Bella

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