Chocolate For Your Skin

Todays post is not about Lush but about another sweet treat. For all the chocolate lovers, pick up your ears…

I’ve been trying lots of skin products¬†throughout the year and I’m glad many of them suit my dry skin. I’ve never really focused on skin care before and I always had a¬†non-specific day cream, which was actually just a moisturizer without any super special benefits. Although I knew which type of skin my clients have I never really thought about my own. I wanted to learn more about my skin and improve my¬†skin care routine a little more, especially when wearing makeup on a daily basis.¬†Whenever I find time in between the¬†job, the blog and all the other daily duties¬†I¬†keep myself up-to-date with newcomers and new brands. Reading other blogs and watching YouTube reviews about newbies are one of the many ways I stay on track.

Chocolate, Choco, Chocomania!

You might know what I’m already talking about. I remember my first body butter I got at The Body Shop some years ago and the smell of the fresh and fruity body treats still remain in my memory. Whether it’s a fruity scent or a flowery one, it’s the intensity of smell that makes me wanna eat myself up :D Besides the¬†well-known¬†body butter the have¬†other¬†great stuff as part of¬†their product range¬†such as makeup, Perfumes, shampoos and skin care series. Nevertheless one special edition caught my attention and it’s their actual sale series chocolate. If you’re looking for a way to fight your sugar cravings this series might be the one you should go for ;)

Chocomania Body Lotion

It’s perfect if I’m in a hurry and when there’s not much time to cream. It penetrates really quick and is so yummy!

Chocomania Body Butter

Basically I love to use body butter on weekends when there’s enough time for a beauty remedy. After showering I apply a thin layer to my skin and massage it softly until it’s completely absorbed.

chocolate for your skin-3

Chocomania Shower Cream

This one¬†¬†contains real cocoa butter and has a decadently chocolatey scent. It comes with the great benefit of being soap-free and moisturizes the dry skin. I use it whenever I’m in the mood for some chocolate and of course I switch between several other scents.

chocolate for your skin-2

Chocomania Body Scrub

Definitely the best one I ever had! I use it once a week and it¬†contains real cocoa butter and organic cane sugar. I’m suffering from small blemishes on my upper back and this exfoliating scrub just made skin look¬†a lot more clean and smooth already after one application.

chocolate for your skin-4

The Chocomania series also includes a Eau de Toilette, a lip butter and a beautifying oil. I just went for this four products because I wanted to try them first, if they work with my skin. I’m still thinking about getting the beautifying oil maybe? I like to use it on my hands instead of a hand cream and of course I fell for the smell of chocolate too!

Hope I didn’t provoke any chocolate cravings in you with todays post and if yes go for a dark chocolate – it’s the healthiest choice if you want to go for a sweet treat :P

xx Bella

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