Can You Wear a Petticoat?

If I would have lived in the 50s I guess I would have been on of those petticoat girls ;) The nude-pastel colour mix is lovely and definitely a spring It-piece.

Hello petticoat! The last shot that features beautiful Cracow is the look today. Can’t believe April is almost over.¬†The weather is really beautiful in Vienna and I’m enjoying my little spare time in the sun. Actually this is the first look that features bare legs. Just¬†right on time to share this feminine business style with you.

About Elvis and Petticoats…

Basically the answer is yes! This skirt has a story to tell. It was part of one of my first shoots I did for the blog a year ago and I’m still obsessed with this piece. The 50s flare cut gives the skirt the perfect vintage touch¬†and underlines the feminine silhouette. If I would have lived in the 50s I guess I would have been on of those petticoat girls ;) The nude-pastel colour mix is lovely and definitely a spring It-piece.The¬†rise of Rockabilly must have been thrilling for people who experienced it and the hairstyles were amazing! If I would think about a perfect 50s¬†song it would be “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley. He was an icon and¬†signature person for¬†this period of time – What would the 50s have looked like¬†without him :o

The first time I bought this heels was for my honeymoon in September last year. If you remember my Cannes shoot¬†you will notice them. Actually I didn’t wear them since then very often so I decided they needed a comeback. The shoe comes with leather strap detail and is made of suede material. The heels are pretty high but super comfortable to wear!¬†Definitely a must combination to my nude coloured skirt. The purse is handmade and I got it in Gord√©s at the market during my Provence holiday trip. I’m obsessed with this cork purse and I’ve used it since then everyday. I have never thought that cork could be such a¬†soft material especially when designing purses or bags.

This look is the perfect look to me to slowly ring in the barefoot season! How do you think about flared skirts? Do you think you can wear a petticoat to school or work?



Blazer: H&M
Skirt: ZARA
Bracelet: MAQAROON
Heels: MANGO





Let me know what you think about in the comments!

xx Bella

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