Moving Homes – Bye To The West, Hello To The East!

In fact, I didn’t even have time to do a life-update, which is long overdue. So here’s the big news: I’m moving home again.
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With my first intense summer in London and marking six month employment in PR, I haven’t had really much quality time for myself. Besides moving home, my life has become quite stressful and I’m currently managing five calendars – switching between uni, private stuff, my blog, work and my workout regime – I have turned myself into a time management machine. If by any chance someone comes up with an award for this let me know…

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 It was super last minute and so we didn’t have much time to reconsider. At that time we didn’t know we could have had something better in our budget-range since estate agents hinted ‘it won’t be easy with a dog’ in Central London. Oh dear, it really isn’t…Well, now we know that we easily could have had a better home.

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Having already two weeks down, I can call myself a second year student. Only 6 weeks left for my assignments and I have quite mixed feelings about this term. Writing, research and filming interviews are due in November, October’s almost behind us and I’m having wobbly fingers writing this. I feel guilty when I’m blogging!

In fact, I didn’t even have time to do a life-update, which is long overdue. So here’s the big news: I’m moving home again. If you followed my London journey from the beginning you might already know that I have had two homes to date. The first one was a student accommodation, only for one term and I had spent three months in East London, exploring the Hipster bakers around Finsbury Park. Three months on my own were quite fun, but also challenging with all the grocery shopping hunts I had to do alone.

When my husband finally joined me in December, we went on mission flat search to kickstart our new life in London the best way possible. Our Frenchie became our biggest challenge, since most London flats weren’t pet-friendly at all. Close to Christmas we finally found a flat share with a couple in West London in Notting Hill for a pretty penny.

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Ten month living in the West changed our mind quite quickly. From groceries to restaurants and even bakeries; everything was awfully expensive. Our landlord pretty much ripped us off and at the beginning of each month we were almost broke. So in August, K. and I decided to give it another shot and go on flat hunts again, but this time in North and East London.

From estate agent to private viewings, in the end we had about 5 viewings a day and both of us were drained. It’s not that there weren’t any flats that met our expectations, just all of them didn’t allow pets when it got down to paper.

So beginning of October we finally found our happy place and while you’re reading this I’ll be already carrying heavy boxes from West to East. I had to renounce the current luxury of living only 15 minutes away from my campus – now its gonna be an hour to get me there – but it’s worth it considering that our new home is going to be in the countryside. Especially for me and my head full of thoughts I believe its good to sometimes shut down and get away from it all.

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