Bronzing Powder – Key To a Sunkissed Skin

When it comes to my makeup routine, bronzing powders are a must and I switch between two or three different shades. Bronzing powders are the best…

Beauty Wednesday guys! i¬†am super excited for the upcoming summer season and it’s time to focus on how to get a beautiful sunkissed skin. At the age of 16 I’ve been a lot to the solarium – bad I know and I regret it.

But I’m happy I’ve quit and makeup and several lotions became my best friends ;) For my wedding last year in September I decided to get¬†some Spray Tanning done and I was very happy with the results. Although it only lasts for¬†10 days, I felt mine stayed¬†a little longer. When it comes to my makeup routine, bronzing powders are a must and I switch between two or three different shades.

The Bronzing Powder List

Bronzing powders are the best and definitely the ones that I prefer over liquid ones. I’m quite clumsy when it comes to liquid products, except it’s a foundation, and I always end up with a mess. So let’s have a close look at my favourite bronzing powders:

MAC, MAC…MAC Soft Sand!

bronzing powder-3

Okay I admit I’m a little addicted to MAC products. That’s the reason why you always will find one of those in my reviews :P The MAC Soft Sand bronzing powder is my current favourite. It’s not only great to apply to¬†your cheeks but also if you’re looking for a light tanned look. The powder consists of¬†shimmery particles and adds a nice glow to your skin. I buff it slightly onto my face and blend it out into my neckline when I want to add that extra colour!

MAC Matte Bronze

This bronzer is quite dark and I use it for¬†contouring¬†my cheeks. It’s a matte bronzer and strong in colour – be careful when picking with your brush and don’t forget to blend out into your forehead for a more natural touch.

Artdeco Bronzing Glow Blusher

These Artdeco Bronzer comes with that tropico feeling and is combination of bronzer and a peachy blush. You’ve got three shades from which you can choose.¬†The combination of all is great and leaves a nice colour shade on your cheeks. FIY: This one is limited edition- be sure to get it before it’s gone!

bronzing powder-2

Artdeco Bronzer Powder Compact 08

A quite big powder box! This one is great and because of the size long lasting too. I like to use it on my cheeks and especially to contour my nose, chin and forehead.

bronzing powder-1

This is my current list! At the moment I’m looking for some new ones to try out – Do you have any favourites, you would suggest me?

xx Bella

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