Bride & Groom – A Wedding Styled Shoot

Remember the beautiful bride & groom photoshoot I did some month before? I promised to share the pics with you as soon as they were ready :)

Remember the beautiful bride & groom photoshoot I did some month before? I promised to share the pics with you as soon as they were ready :) The results are amazing-What a beautiful bride!

Bride & Groom – Beauty for Two…

bride_&_groom_soraya bride_&_groom_sorayabride_&_groom_soraya The Make-Up I did for Andra was in very soft and nude hues but I did something special about the foundation. I contoured and highlighted her face, because her face would come out more defined on the pictures. Contour & Highlight is something I only do for photoshoots and I wouldn’t recommend it as everyday routine, that would take up a lot of time! Getting excited about the bride & groom makeup definition? Yes I got it done for both. Let’s start with the lovely bride & the groom follows…

Bride & Groom- The bride’s makeup first…

bride_&_groom_sorayaFor the eyes I decided to use the Naked 2-Palette from Urban Decay. The palette has all colors I need for the natural look and consists of eyeshadows from black to gold brown. If you want to get a close look of the palette just head over to my “Metallic Eye-Make Up” Post by clicking here.

bride_&_groom_soraya bride_&_groom_sorayaI finished her eye makeup with some individual lashes, just to bring out the main points.
At last I filled in her eyebrows and did the highlighting and foundation. Yes I did the foundation in the end. Why? Because of the eyeshadow residues and cleaning after every step, it’s much easier to apply the foundation in the under eye area after your done with the makeup.

bride_&_groom_sorayaFor the brides lips, I chose and lipstick with creamy consistenz and mixed to colors together. Nude and peach hues are always good to combine –

Tip: To make the lips look appear bigger, just add a bit of lipgloss on top!

Bride & Groom- Did he really get Make-Up done? 
bride_&_groom_soraya bride_&_groom_sorayaYou may think “What a pour guy he had to wear makeup”. Well, not on his big day but for the photoshoot and to keep the skin mattyfied, a must! I applied a small amount of foundation on his skin, just to get rid of the redness. (especially under eyes area and ’round the nose) Voilá! Finished and ready to get some awesome wedding pics.

Pictures taken by: CIUCIU Photography –

Can’t wait until I’m standing in front of the camera lens for my own wedding pics. <3

Have a lovely one!

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