Bridal Shoes – How To Break In The New Pair

What makes the bridal shoe perfect? The perfect height! When I was searching for my bridal shoes I had the main problem that I couldn’t buy me heels with too much height since my man is not much taller than I am.

What makes the bridal shoes perfect? The perfect height! When I was searching for my bridal shoes I had the main problem that I couldn’t buy me heels with too much height since my man is not much taller than I am.

So I decided to order some beautiful Kate Spade New York pumps from Net-a-Porter earlier this year. I tried them on in February in a cold seasons and everything was fine. Two month before my big day I decided to break in the new pair and… guess what? They didn’t fit me anymore. I forgot to think about summer and the hot days and the beautiful perfect bridal shoes began to hurt after minutes wearing them. I was sure that I wanted to rock this shoes for my big day and  found my own way to solve the problem. Here’s my little guide on “How To Break Your New Bridal Shoes”

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“Bridal Shoe Fit Me”-Challenge Accepted

First of all: There are lots of informations you will get when typing “stretch bridal shoes” into google search machines. I found lots of tips for leather shoes but none of these tips were useful for my satin One’s. The material of my shoe was very sensitive and I was afraid to ruin them. I was looking for a more gentle method and after I talked with a friend who knew a good shoemaker I decided to let the work be done by a professional.

Shoemaker – Your First Go To Place

IMG_3685_wIf you have your doubts about stretching the shoes on your own, bring them to a shoemaker who’s next to your living place. Put on your shoes and tell him exactly where your feets are hurting or where you need more space. I still don’t know what kind of stretching machines they use, but I can say for sure that it helped me a lot. It depends on the material of your shoe, so every shoe needs different stretching. Mine were a lot softer than before, but still needed a bit more.

Final Stretching – Your Turn

After I got them stretched, I still found that they were a bit too small for my feets and I wanted to draw on the good old wisdoms. You just need a few items before you start:

Shoe Stretcher & White Socks

You can get it in any shoe shop or at a shoemaker.



Satin is a not so good stretchable material like leather but there’s a chance to widen your pumps a little.
Start by using a damp towel (it shouldn’t be wet!) and put each end in one shoe. Slowly pull the ends of the towel through the bridal shoes and leave them to dry over night. The damp towel will help you to widen them and keeps them in position. On the next day you can remove the towel and place the shoe stretcher instead of it. Before placing the shoe stretcher cover it with the white sock to make sure to leave the material untouched. Repeat this whole process again until you got the perfect size of your bridal shoes.  I tried it for two weeks and it helped me a lot to widen them in the peeptoe area.


Another Tip: Try to wear your thickest socks to break in your shoes! I covered my leather, sole to protect it from gutter, with another sock and cut out a small hole for the heel- It’s up to you ;)

Let me know if you tried it out for your bridal shoes girls!

xx Bella

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