Bridal Hair-& Make-Up Meets Provence

No more secret anymore! You all got to know my wedding dress and the story about big decisions ´round it. Bridal make-up and bridal hair were a part of it.

No more secret anymore! You all got to know my wedding dress and the story about big decisions ´round it. Bridal make-up and bridal hair were a part of it.I went through tough and great moments but at the end I was happy to find my dress. The dress plays an important role but a lot of other routines should be kept in mind. Today I’m going to write a little about one of my most loved chapters ever- Bridal make-up & bridal hair! After all the tutorials you read on the blog on how I did bridal hair and wedding make-up I evenly decided for different types of it.

Make-Up in lovely Pastel
Picture taken by Joanna Nowak

France and especially the south of it, mainly the provence is well known for lavender- I adore it and it smells awesome! I decided to go after the color of the beautiful lavender and wanted my make-up to have a similar color to my wedding theme. It mind sound weird letting my make-up get done by another profession instead of myself but I think everyone needs a break when it comes to it’s own big day ;)

Picture taken by Joanna Nowak, Make-Up by

DSC_6589 BK

Pastel tones and very thin layered airbrushed skin were the things I was looking for. Airbrush was something I never tried before and I can’t recommend it for your daily skin routine. It leaves your skin flawless but since you’re now allowed to apply any moisturizer it’s going to dry out your skin. For special events where a good foundation is urgently needed, it’s a go to product and can be used. My eye make-up was all about reducing and not about overdoing. Especially my beloved eyeliner didn’t make it to my bridal make-up. It would have been to strong and I knew it wouldn’t look good until midnight.

For my lips I wanted to buy me a special moisturizing lipstick, that I could to refreshen up inbetween. I got me the beautiful Chanel Rouge Coco with a soft color called „Charme 40“ and I still use it during daytime.

DSC_6667 BK

Bridal Hair of Imperfection

Bridal Hair are important and should be done very well. I don’t like to admit that there’s anything with primary importance above make-up, but this time I have to. I was glad I found the right hairstylist that I could share my ideas with about my bridal hair up-do’s. Since I wanted everything to look natural, the hair should be soft curled and would fall in a soft bun into my neck. Imperfection and not perfect to receive a romantic natural bridal look.




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