Boyish Style – Oversize Temptation

Who loves to wear the boyfriends clothes? Right that’s me, and I decided to challenge the boyish style.

Who loves to wear the boyfriends clothes? Right that’s me, and I decided to challenge the boyish style. When it comes to finding a new outfit for my next post, it always turns out as little challenge for me. My wardrobe is full with clothes, but none of them fit me anymore. Did you find yourself buying pieces at sale, but you’re never sure if they ever gonna make it in your daily outfits?

A situation that is well-known to me! When my eyes spot the red sale sign, there’s no way out for me and I have to go in the store.

Everytime I buy something and months pass by I ask myself “Why did I buy this?”

Why you should definitely try out the Boyish Style…
Lipstick: MAC-Morange
Eyes: L’Oréal Paris-Color Riche Quad Necklace: self-made

To cut right to the chase of matter, I love to wear shirts of my bf. OMG I adore them *.*
They’re comfy, cozy and suit perfectly as pyjama. This time I thought to combine the blue shirt to my Isabel Marant jeans. It’s the first time I found something suitable to my jeans. What a shame!

Eyewear: H&M

Boyish Styles, boyfriend styles are one of my favorites, but I never had the courage to wear them outside on street. oversize shirts, and trousers are kind of challenge ;)
Creating this boyish style/look was one of my unsuspected ones but I totally fell in love with it.

Jeans: Isabel Marant H&M Collection
Heels: Buffalo Limited Edition
Bag: Dune
Shirt: H&M Men

I know it’s monday but I hope you all have a beautiful day!

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