Blush & Roses – Unfold your natural beauty

Blush is everything I need, although for summer. I love to add a soft rose color to my cheeks, making me look like a sweet girl.

Blush is everything I need, although for summer. I love to add a soft rose color to my cheeks, making me look like a sweet girl. I have been very doubtful about pink cheeks, as they remind me of dolls, but the application is the only thing that matters.

Blush – The poppy pink type!

Are you sceptical? You don’t have to be! I’m going to show you two of my favourite products I love to wear for summer. Two different types, two different brands (high end and drugstore) will¬†make your decisions easier.


Achieving the Natural Look…
  1. Yves Saint Laurent Creme Blush –¬†Bloomy
    Yves Saint Laurent Creme Blush Fuchsia

    One of my favourites! You may already know the product ¬†from my Pretty in Pastel post a few weeks ago, when I created “Bity Lips”. I love the texture and the application is very simple. At first sight it might be too pink, but when applying it the cream is smooth and much lighter on your skin. For application use your fingers!

  2. Loreal Nude Magique BB Blush РThe Gel Wonder
    Loreal Nude Magique
    YSL Creme Blush & BB Blush

    It’s not so long on the market but I love the product. It’s very intensive and you should apply carefully. The Gel in it’s normal form has a light rose tint and it’s a bit tricky! I thought it’s very light but on your cheeks it appears in a very strong pink. The big plus: You don’t have to use much of it to receive a nice pink touch.

Experiment with less makeup for summer…


It sounds strange, because I’m a makeupartist and I love to apply makeup in different colors. I do even¬†create new styles but for summers season everything has changed for me. I’m not into colors as white and pastell tones are common for this season.Everyone’s into sporty chic looks and too much makeup would ruin the outfit. I tried to reduce my makeup to minimalistic. Currently I love to wear mascara and some blush, just to add some color to my cheeks. Sunbeams¬†on your skin bring a lot of glow to your face – Keep that in mind and don’t overdo with makeup!
Less is more girls ;)

Have a great sunny weekend!

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