Black and White – Life’s a Puzzle

Black and white are the colours we use to create contrast. Black and white balance the good and bad things in life, neither one can function without…

From all these OOTDs I’ve done so far there was one important part that I always¬†enjoyed the most ¬†– creative editorials. Like every other blog even mine needs some brainstorming and a pool of ideas. With every shoot that I’m planning in my blog editorial¬†I’m bubbling over with lots of creative ideas. Todays look is more like a blueprint of my feelings and moods.¬†

Black and white are the colours we use to create contrast. Black and white balance the¬†good and bad things in ¬†life, neither one can function¬†without the other. Black and white are more than colours and are to me the¬†interpretation of change… Although I don’t know what to expect when moving in September to London for the next three years¬†I’m positive about it in every way. I believe it’s the first time in my life that I feel that everything makes sense. All the good and bad things that I’ve been through the past years have taught me a lot and I grew in energy and courage of taking risks. Lets say my life’s like a puzzle -little chaotic but I might have found another missing piece.

black and white-2


White Shirt: Zara
Dress: Zara
Sneakers: Nike Free 5.0
Sunglasses: Vintage
Belt: Zara


black and white-1 black and white-3 black and white-8 black and white-5

xx Bella

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