Best Liquid Foundations ATM!

But like every year I find it quite challenging to test all the new makeup products. I have my very own favourites that are my best liquid foundations…

Foundations are the most important product for a makeup artist – They are the base and build the screen where creativity happens. Sounds quite magic doesn’t it?¬†But it’s¬†true and is one of the things that I focus on first when doing makeups for clients.¬†

The Best Liquid Foundations For All Skin Types

I remember my first foundation, which was a quite cheap one that I got at the drugstore but wasn’t good at all. But I didn’t have much pocket money at that time and just wanted to go for¬†the cheapest and most effective solution. I have always been the natural type and was glad to haven’t had much¬†blemishes. I never needed that much coverage and I remember my first expensive foundation by¬†Bobbi Brown. ¬†This is one of my first expensive foundations and I didn’t regret it, as it went perfectly with my skin type. But like every year I find it quite challenging to test all the new makeup products, but I have my very own favourites that are my best liquid foundations so far.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

I have never had Chanel makeup products before and this foundation was the first I bought. It gives lots of coverage and is smooth to apply. I like using this one especially for photo shoots, as it leaves the skin with a perfect flawless result.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

My current daily foundation! I fell for the milky consistence and¬†the light coverage. It’s the perfect foundation to receive a¬†natural look and is very light on your skin.¬†Although the bottle is small, you shouldn’t underestimate it – I bought it three month ago and it’s still half full.


MAC Face and Body C2

The MAC Face and Body foundation is definitely the oldest and most used one that I have in stock. Whenever I’m on my way to a client or to a event, I’ll always take some bottles with me. Very often¬†I don’t have the perfect single-product foundation with me¬†and¬†so I¬†mix up two to three different shades to receive the perfect shade. I recommend this foundation to everyone who’s looking for a light to medium coverage¬†and a natural satin finish.


Le Mini Fluide Paris Berlin 0

When there’s¬†time to¬†shop professional makeup products I’ll always stop¬†by at the Makeup Pro Store in Vienna¬†for¬†some glitter, glue or lashes. For one of my latest clients I needed a¬†professional foundation that was super long-lasting and in¬†a very light shade. I was glad to have made a lucky find and went for the well-known¬†Le Mini Fluide foundation. It comes with the benefit of being a long-lasting foundation and works as¬†a great highlighter too. I use it quite often in combination with one of my Chanel foundations.


These are my best liquid foundations atm. As you can see I’m more the type who sticks to fluid foundations¬†and¬†they work perfectly for my skin type. Have you made any experience with one of my favourites? Let me know in the comments below ;)

xx Belle

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