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It seemed to work best with blond types but not with brunettes or black hair. So basically the best dry shampoo for dark hair didn’t exist.

We all know that a daily hair wash is damaging our hair over time. I was under the same spell and I always wanted my hair to be fresh and smooth everyday.   I realized that I treated them wrong and with way to much hair care products conditioners. A conditioner is a must if you want to have soft ends instead of strawy hair. The worst thing that I noticed was that they already became greasy after one day and I knew I was doing it all the way wrong.

The best dry shampoo for dark hair does exist

I must admit I never had good experience with any kind of dry shampoo before. Back then in my years at school they weren’t as good produced as they are now and I remember the weird “Granny Look” it left behind. It seemed to work best with blond types but not with¬†brunettes or black hair. So basically the best dry shampoo for dark hair didn’t exist. Maybe I just did it all wrong but I was never happy with the result. I had an interesting chat with my hairdresser and she made up my mind.¬†The only way to get rid of greasing hair¬†is to skip hair-washing for some days. Ugh, not really what I expected or wanted to do since it was against my nature but I decided to give it a try. It took some time until my hair got used to it but it got better every week. Now I wash my hair every three days and this works great for me. I also made a lucky find and integrated dry shampoo into my hair routine again. Toni & Guy is my absolute favourite and is the best dry shampoo for dark hair. If there’s a need to refresh my hair¬†between those three days, I just spray it on and leave it for 3 minutes. Next I grab a towel and softly rub the spray out – no white strands at all! I like the volume it adds to my hair too as it feels thicker and makes it easier to create awesome hairstyles.


What do you think about dry shampoo? What’s the best¬†dry shampoo for dark hair that you would suggest?

xx Belle

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