Ballerina Flats That Aren’t Boring At All

What has been a huge trend for years now has changed and we’re going back to small heels aka kitten heels and ballerina flats. I love flats and I…

What has been a huge trend for years now has changed and we’re going back to small heels aka kitten heels and ballerina flats. I love flats and I could wear them everyday but I would miss my beloved heels way too much. There’s a huge trend going to come and I’ve seen already the first girls wearing them – ballerina flats. No we’re not talking about the ballerina flats we’re already used to but more about the version with strands on it making your feet look really sexy.¬†

Ballerina Flats That Everyone’s Going To Wear


I’m a huge fan of Aquazurra shoes and especially the ballerina flats. They add a romantic touch to¬†your¬†casual look and are very comfy. I have noticed them on Sincerely Jules for the first time and since then they’re on top of my list. Of course Aquazurra is not¬†very¬†budget-friendly and that’s why I’m glad I’ve found some¬†similar¬†versions of it.

2.Isabel Marant

I don’t own a¬†lot of pieces of¬†her collection, but these ballet flats are special and¬†the leather flats with¬†snake-effect¬†surface caught my attention.

3.Jeffrey Campbell

They look very similar to the Aquazurra flats and are definitely the best choice. They also come with the benefit of not being that much expensive and are made with great materials.

4.Belle by Sigerson Morrison

So glad to have found these flats at sale! The buckling ankle strap closure is pretty and help to secure your feet all-day long. I would suggest to wear them for spring season, as they match perfectly to skinny jeans and a white tee ;)

5.French Sole

Hello cross-strap flats! The sporty version of ballerina flats but still chic.


Enough lace up’s for now! Let’s focus on these¬†ballerinas¬†from Zara.¬†They might¬†not be¬†the typical version of an lace-up shoe, but they¬†come with a pretty cross-strap detail on front of the shoe.¬†If you’re looking for something that you can easily match to your business look aka meeting outfit these flats are should be on your list.¬†.¬†I always prefer flats with a “glossy” look as they are always chic and classy. BTW, they don’t cost that much.


Lacquer shoes doesn’t fit everyone and here are¬†another ballerina flats¬†that also made it to my comfy-list. If you prefer the more pretty version with a softer surface, then velvet should be your choice. I think velvet is also great if you’re looking for a¬†very comfy shoe that is very soft and gentle to your feet.

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