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Two weeks ago I was invited to the Tiberius Concept Store to visit the presentation of the natural skin care product line of ambuja.

Two weeks ago I was invited to the Tiberius Concept Store to visit the presentation of the natural skin care product line of ambuja.

I had a chat with the founders that gave me an insight in the Couture and Empire collection. I was happy to get a little goodie-bag and I decided to test some of the products over a week. I wanted to share my experience with you about the ambuja products in todays beautypost.

Ambuja – Pure Natural


I like to use skin treatments based on natural ingredients. The skin care line offers products that mainly consist of lotus water and coconut water as well. These two ingredients combined are just amazing and I really love the smell of the Indian lotus. I was surprised by the fact, that their skin care treatments are produced without water! Even in production of the raw materials water is highly limited.

Women – Couture


Nude foam

It’s the first skin care product to start¬†with before applying any other skin care product. The¬†foam is applied and softly rubbed into the skin. After some seconds its washed¬†off with¬†tepid water. The result leaves your skin fresh and clear behind.



The foam treatment is continued by using one of the elixirs or creams:

Atelier elixir

This product suits everyone who wants to reduce wrinkles or wants to have a flawless skin. I especially preferred using it before¬†applying¬†my¬†foundation. It doesn’t take much time until¬†you notice the difference! The result is smooth and flawless. The serum can be applied in the morning and evening. If there’s still a need for a cream you can use the capsule cream afterwards.

charisma elixir

I absolutely loved using this One every morning. It helps you to get rid of swollen eyes and cools them down. I didn’t feel the need¬†to cover my dark circles so¬†much and I was lucky to have that¬†fresh feeling on my face. If you want¬†to add¬†a nice glow to your skin everyday, the charisma elixir¬†might be the right one for you.

dewdrop elixir

A lot of women are afflicted with dry and dehydrated skin. The dewdrop elixir helps to hydrate the skin and has of one of the most important ingredients Hyaluron. It is responsible for skin hydration and skin elasticity.

capsule cream

The capsule cream is a regenerating Anti-Aging cream that moisturizes the skin which can be used in the morning and in the evening.

ambuja ambuja ambuja


The ambuja skin care collection for men consists of three products that suit the daily needs of every man. The urban foam is very similar to the nude foam with the difference that it includes a grape concentrate.

The wanderlust elixir is an all-time skin care product by ambuja that was especially designed for normal and oily skin. The product smooths the skin and moisturizes it as well. I loved the packaging of the wanderlust product, because it is very unique and opens up like a flower. Men with puffy and tired eyes will be glad to use the overnight eye cream.

Where to get?

All ambuja products are available at the Tiberius Concept Store in Vienna.

*In collaboration with Ambuja

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