Why Wearabelle Needed a Big Update

I recently cut my hair, but this time super short. I completed my first year at uni. I found a job that I admire. I got back to blogging and connected with the blog community again.
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I recently cut my hair, but this time super short. I completed my first year at uni. I found a job that I admire. I got back to blogging and connected with the blog community again. So much happened in the past few months, news that I didn’t have the time to share with you here. Wearabelle as a blog felt super dead, un-wordy and it made me sad to see it slowly dry out. I knew an update was urgently needed to keep it alive. To warn you in advance: it’s going to get a bit wordy today.

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Why Wearabelle will change

I have to admit that I have changed a lot on this blog since I started. From testing layouts, fonts, post formats and themes, I’ve done all of them. In the end, I was never really happy with the result.

Now that I have one year of journalism in my pocket my thoughts on it have changed and I decided for the next big step. Wearabelle has always been a personal blog and I always liked it the way it was including me as the person in focus. Since I moved to London I got not only introduced to a fantastic city but also to new writing techniques and media formats on my course. I’ve thought about it for a while and I decided to distance myself from personal blogging. Not because of a personal, but rather more of diversity matter. I always felt that there was something missing and it wasn’t 100% what I wanted.

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A Wearabelle format

As you may have noticed my writing style has developed since I became a London girl. The articles I’m writing have a different voice now and the topics I tackle are much more demanding. I wasn’t sure if I went off track with my first political post, but it turned out to perform quite well since it was published. I’m glad I took that risk not only because it was new and different but also very important for me to raise this issue. As you can see there are many different new things happening on the blog at the moment. I am not aiming for a tabloid paper format that is boring to read – don’t worry! It will still be me, my voice, my way of writing including typos, but in a different way.


I like Wearabelle since it’s a bit of a wordy game so I’m going to keep it. It will not only relate to wearable Fashion but also to Beauty and other important categories. Instead, Wearabelle just got a new brother called “Journal”. During the next few weeks, The Wearabelle Journal will introduce you to some new categories like ‘Smatters’ – Stuff that matters- with articles around, sex, gender, and daily related topics that are a bit more fun. There will also be a new features section with some specials including events and happenings around Fashion Week. Fashion will be more adapted to inform about emerging trends and designers and fashion news. I hope you’re getting excited because I am already! Sounds like a lot that I have in mind with this blog, but it will change in baby steps and not in one day.

I know I have been horrible with Social Media lately – sorry about that. I just figured out how Snapchat actually works – quite late I know – and I’m putting up videos to keep you guys up-to-date, same with Instagram. I hope you didn’t fall asleep after these very long paragraphs, but I owed you an explanation before balls are going to get rolling.



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