A Lovern Story – A Sunday in Shoreditch

On weekends I like to go for the lighter version: beauty essentials, Oyster card and a pack of gums easily fit in my adorable Lovern leather bag.

We are all into high brand bags, the one’s that grab us with their branding, the shape, the colour. When thinking about the actual function of a bag such as space and pockets for your personal belongings, colour, shape and branding don’t matter anymore. 


Furthermore we should keep in mind that each bag comes with it’s own character, no matter how vintage or shabby they might appear – each one of them has a story to tell. I adore vintage pieces, they are an historical addition to your wardrobe and underline your personality in every way. They are timeless, no matter how old they are, their character remains the same.

Bags are an essential accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. Leaving home without one is unimaginable for me, especially when I think about all the stuff I have to carry everyday with me. On weekdays it’s kind of like my whole bookshelf, with all the heavy books including my notebook and notes. The backpack get’s me through the week, not the most attractive solution, but the most functional one. On weekends I like to go for the lighter version: beauty essentials, Oyster card and a pack of gums easily fit in this adorable leather piece – the Lovern barrel bag. It’s neither small or big but timeless and comes in a perfect shape. I have a favour for tan coloured pieces, especially when they work with every outfit. I like to spend my Sundays on-the-go, especially when it’s bright and sunny. It’s one of those days where I have quality time with my girl, talking about uni life and boys, while having coffee and cake on a bench in front of the coffeehouse. Today I’m going to take you on a little journey to Shoreditch, to spend a day with me behind the lens.

  Lovern-8Lovern-7 Lovern-11Lovern-4Lovern-5 Lovern-10

xx Bella

Images shot by Ridgeway Maz in collaboration with Lovern Leather Goods.

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