7 Things To Avoid Before a Wedding

All the brides know that getting things organized in this short period can be very stressful and irksome.There are some few things you should be aware before you plunge into work.

The last week before the wedding is almost here and time goes by so quick that my big day is already round the corner. All the brides know that getting things organized in this short period can be very stressful and irksome. There are a few things you should be aware before you plunge yourself into work. Even if you have booked your make-up and if you know how your hair is going to look like, there are still some beauty things and rules you should keep in mind. Do’s and Don’ts, things you shouldn’t try the last week before your wedding- Let’s check the list!

1. The Color Thing

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Don’t: Even if you got your perfect hairstylist and you know his professional skills at it’s best, avoid things like drastic changes to your hair. That would be everything from extreme colors to bleached hair. Don’t try new haircolors that you never tried before the last week before your wedding. It takes some time to get used to it and believe me- one week’s too short for that!

Do: You can go for soft hues like the hair-color you already have or you go for things like a refreshing color that highlights your own hairs.
The day before my wedding I’m not going to use any specific styling products, because it’s easier for the hairstylist to get your hair done the next day.

2. Drastic Haircuts

Don’t: One of the big things to avoid-chopping your hair too much. This means changing your hairstyle from long to short like a bob. You have chosen your dress and accessories and the haircut should correspond to your bridal look.

Do: Go for a quick trim- get your hair-ends cut and get your bangs trimmed. Everything that is needed to pimp your hairstyle is allowed as long as it’s not a huge change. Last but not least: Be sure to fix your appointment a few weeks before you’re wedding if you don’t want to be stressed out.

3. Alcohol

This is a huge topic for people who decided to get in shape for the bridal dress and depends on what you decided. We are told that Alcohol has a lot of calories and that you could eat much more instead of a cosmopolitan. There are different views about alcohol but there’s one thing you should be aware.

Don’t: Avoid Alcohol the day before your big day. Your face might look swollen and dark circles will appear stronger. Of course there are differences and everyone’s reacting different to it, but because of my experience as make-up artist I can recommend to stay on the safe side. Your big day is only one night away so keep up and drinks will await you ;)

4. A New Workout

In my last posts I brought up the topic sports and some of the workouts that I’m still doing. Sports means a lot to me and became a big thing since I started to workout more intense for the wedding. I stick to it for 10 weeks and didn’t change anything in my workout routine. I know it can be really hard when you’re motivated on getting in shape for your beautiful dress but keep calm and concentrate on the little things. Decide on schedule what workout you are going to plan for the next months (yes month because workouts in a few days aren’t that much effective) and stick to it. If you don’t want to spend to much money on diets and workouts grab your girls and go for a run- Chatting’s allowed as long as you’re able to speak while running :P


5. Spray Tan Booths

Spray tanning is something I don’t know much about and that I tried myself two month ago. I’ve always been the girl who went tanning to a studio but since I decided for the healthy lifestyle I didn’t want to risk to much and tried spray tanning. The tan didn’t stay long (on my skin for 8 days) but it was flawless and evenly because I got it done by a professional.

Don’t: Avoid self experiments so close to your wedding. If you’ve never tried before don’t buy selftanning products and get it done by a professional. The will match the color perfectly to your skin and you won’t risk to get a different tan.


6. Peelings & Beautician


Beauticians are great if you need a reset button for your skin and if you’re looking for a cleansing from ground up. From time to time I make an appointment with my beautician but this time they couldn’t offer me free one’s. I decided to do my face cleansing routine on my own, cause it was to close to my big day.

Don’t: Avoid beauticians one week before your wedding. Even if you would like to remove blackheads your face will become swollen for sure and it will look irritated. A peel or microdermabrasion session promises silky-smooth skin in the future, but it’s a total no-go the week before you wedding. Be sure to make an appointment as soon as possible.

7. All-Night Up…

Rainer Sturm / pixelio.de

Finally the beauty things aren’t the only one’s you should avoid. If you have been up all night the last days before you’re wedding you should definitely go to bed and get some sleep! It’s not just about getting enough sleep it’s also very important for receiving a great skin base on the day after. Sleep deprivation can also affect your immune system- No Bride wants to have a cold on her wedding day.

7 Things…

If you follow these steps or avoid some of them, you will calm down and get more relaxed before your wedding. Weddings are stressful, but when you’re body’s screaming for help you should follow. Try to relax and to enjoy your big day- I know it’s easy to say, but I’m a bride too ;)

xx Bella

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