5 Fashion Resolutions For 2015

Although I’m not a big fan of great lists, I thought it’s time to create my own very special fashion list. Let’s talk about my 5 Fashion Resolutions for 2015!

Have you all written down your New Years Resolutions? I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions.

Like every year I start writing down my very own resolutions but I implemented only a few of them. I was highly surprised that my sport resolution became reality. Sport was always very important to me, but I’m happy I started doing it regularly since last year. Although I’m not a big fan of great lists, I thought it’s time to create my own very special fashion list. Let’s talk about my 5 Fashion Resolutions for 2015!

  1. More Brain Shopping Please!

    Sounds very strange at first sight. I love to go shopping like every other women does but sales time and Black Fridays can be really daunting and dangerous. I often tend to buy stuff that’s not even necessary but my mind says „Sale, you’ll need it!“. Well the pieces turned out boring or didn’t make it to my daily looks. I’m trying to live by the rule and to shop with a lot of „brain“.

  2. Be a Minimalist in Style

    One of the most important rules out of the 5 Fashion Resolutions. In 2014 there were lots of trends that I needed to try and I bought lots of stuff that was really new to me. No risk no fun! To cut it down, I just found out that I’m not that type of girl that can wear a lot of colours or accessories at once. Some trends aren’t made to look good on me :( Sad but true! But the good thing is, that I found out more about myself and my own style. I love to wear things that are simple and classy, which made me realize I’m more into the Minimalistic Style. It’s much more comfortable for me and I’m going to stick to that.

  3. Become the Queen in Layering

    I’m not a master at all when it comes to layering. I had my first chance to try out this winter but somehow I ended up wearing my thickest jacket. It’s hard to find the perfect balance between good-looking and staying warm.No master fell just from heaven! I’m definitely giving it another try this January ;)

  4. Planning Daily Looks

    I’m so relieved that I’ve improved my skills in planning my daily looks. If you would’ve asked me to do it some years before I wouldn’t know what you’ve meant. Since I know I’m a quite grumpy person in the morning it’s not my best time for good outfit choices. Before I go to bed I put out the pieces I’d love to wear the next day to be sure I didn’t miss anything. I want to become better in planning and It’s something I would like to improve more.

  5. Take Care of High-End Pieces

    Last but not least- my last of the 5 Fashion Resolutions! I got me my first designer pieces this year and they are worth every penny! I want to keep them durable for a long period of time that’s why I dealt a lot with taking care of them. I am very careful about my little black dress thats why I decided to take it at the dry cleaning. I’m still looking for the ultimate leather jacket care tips – Maybe you can provide me with a good one ;)

    Finally these are my 5 Fashion Resolutions I want to stick to this year. I know there are still much more but 5 of them just sound more realistic and achievable to me.

New Year…New Luck

Besides my thoughts on the 5 Fashion Resolutions there are some news on the blog. Some changes are taking place and I lots of improvements are going to happen. Since I found out that most of you love to read my posts after hours and on the weekends I decided to switch some of the posts by day. No rules that you have to life by no worry! Just wanted to keep you up to date ;)

P.S. What are your 5 Fashion Resolutions for 2015? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Belle

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