2014 – Best of and My Christmas Recap

Although that 2014 is almost over I‘m happy to look back at an amazing and exciting year. I decided to take a closer look at the year 2014 and made a little summary on the blog!

2014 and this years christmas was very special to me. As I told you in my last post my family spent this special day with us at home and my husband and I decided to cook our own yummy festive dishes. It was kind of an experiment since we never had cooked for so many guests before.

Although that 2014 is almost over I‘m happy to look back at an amazing and exciting year. I decided to take a closer look at the year 2014 and made a little summary on the blog!

2014 in lines


3rd February – The day when I posted my very first outfit post! I cannot tell you how embarrassing that is when I look at those pics – but they still bring smile to my face :)


February was also the month when I moved my blog from Blogger to a self-hosted platform. Sounds easier than it is- I‘m not very familiar with that website programming stuff. I was happy to have the right man by my side with the knowledge for it ;) Beside I wrote about the beauty stuff I also shared my first work experience as styling assistant on set. It was something I always wanted to do!


The photo shoots and the creative environment made up my mind and led to my decision to write more about fashion as second category on the blog. Although I did some few looks I wanted do discover the field of fashion in many ways. The thumbtack bra was my march highlight! Never thought I could do this creative masterpiece on my own ;)



Finally the bridal stuff was something that went through my head all day. I had the opportunity to do more bridal makeup looks and styled shoots. Posting looks weekly was part of my blogging routine and I decided to create a lookbook on the blog. Every time I scroll through I‘m surprised how much my style has changed since the beginning. I‘m still discovering my style, but it feels good to see that it‘s an on-going process.


One of my biggest dreams came true and I attended the Vienna Lifeball 2014. It was an unforgettable event. Something special that remains in my memory. I also realized that my blog was my everything and there was nothing that I enjoyed more than writing and photographing. Great risks and big decision – I quit my job at the construction side and decided to follow my passion.

June & July

Two stressful months! Many outfit posts were shot in Poland and it was the first time I noticed that both blogging and planning my wedding drove me crazy.



My „Bride to Be“ month – I dealt a lot with planning my own wedding look and defined hair and makeup. I did a lot of sport before my wedding and I focused on eating healthy foods. I also tried out a lot of new stuff like detox and created a little bridal guide to share my advise with other brides.

August was also the month where my husband and I made our secret trip to Paris. It was the place where we spent our first holidays together and we decided to visit it once again before we get married.


Let’s start with my wedding at the beginning of September. One of those lovely events in life, when you celebrate love and joy with friends and family. But September wasn’t just all about the wedding, it was also the month of vacations – Honeymoon babe! From Mauritius to France and Nice – These places have been on my „places I need to travel“ -list for so long and I’m happy for this amazing cultural experience.



With new categories comes a new name! 2014 was also the year when I realized that the old name „Beauty by Soraya“  wouldn‘t fit in anymore. After all my vacation reports and lifestyle stuff I enjoyed writing I knew it was time for a change, which is why I rebranded my blog as Wearabelle. I had my doubts in the beginning and I knew it was kind of an starting all-over again but in the end it was the right decision. And after a long YouTube break I’m back in the game!


I decided to increase the amount of blogposts per week from two to three. Hard to manage but it’s worth it! I tried out some new stuff on the blog and created more inspirational collages.


Wearabelle’s first Christmas month and I really enjoyed creating all those beautiful mood boards and gift guides. I hope I could give you some inspiration when finding the perfect gift. Only a few days left until 2014 ends. It’s been long and exciting and I can’t wait to start the new year- with more energy and lots of exciting events. But this also means time for a little break to tank up new energy. I decided to cut down a little and to spend christmas with my family. However, I hope that you will not take it amiss!

Lots of Love and happy holidays,

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